Friday, September 29, 2006

Friday Five

Randomness... because it's Friday and I'm wearing jeans and a hoodie and drinking cocoa in my glorious office.

1). Nelly Furtado's new song Maneater is officially my new "I'm feeling sassy in my underwear and will dance around my apartment with nobody around" song. I feel like I don't want to like it but dammit..... I just do. Promiscuous girl I didn't get behind for dancing, it was aiiiight.

2). I love me some Grey's Anatomy.... love love love love love LOVE!!! Me and Sandra Oh are attached at the hip... she's my sh*t. Plus, McDreamy is from Lewiston Maine.... and for those of you that don't know, Lewiston Maine is not known for it's attractive people, actors or otherwise..... trust me. I'm under the suspicion that all the people got together at the Shaws on East Ave. got together ALL their good-looking genetic material and gave it to Patrick D.'s mom. Plus if the guys looked like Patrick D. in Lewiston I would have A). never gotten any work done and B). never gotten out of bed. Again.... s'all I'm saying.

3). While at JR's last night, while waiting for some people, I'm always early, I'm half german and half japanese, it's genetic, I was witness to an overweight indian man getting his groove on at the bar to an 80's Madonna song. I might have shared a moment with one or more of the bartenders when I was confused to either think "rock on with your bad self lady, you get it!" or "sweet jesus, that man doesn't know how ridiculous he looks, I should tell him." I came to the decision that another G+T would make things alllll better..... I was right.

4). I had an entire conversation last week with my sister that consisted of pretty much all quotes from Anchorman..... for my birthday she may or may not have made me sweatpants with the lettering "People Know Me." Across the bum.... I may or may not wear them out. They're wicked sweet. And people do know me. (MILK WAS A BAD CHOICE)

5). I just realized that Rachel Ray now has her own talk show. Isn't there a passage in revelations that reads "The first sign of the apocalypse is thusly recognized: When she who bastardizes the english language with terms such as yummo, stoup, and EVOO shall be given multiple shows on a cable network and then allowed to have her own talk show, the cycle of destruction shall begin, the rivers will turn to blood and biker shorts will come back in style." All's I'm saying is I'm carrying around a rosary and some holy water aka gin with me at all times.


JP said...

I sooo fell you on Rachel Ray...she tries so hard to start a trend with Yummo and EVOO...and guess even the Special Ed kids are biting...just drop it honey...drop it...

I would love to jot down more witty and fun things to you, my cherub, but alas I'm trapped in a glass case of a emotion. Perhaps someone has punched me in the ovary...right in the baby-maker.

Dale said...

JP: She may be the anti-christ.... and besides... 40$ a day? she has one cocktail the entire time.... yeah like I could do that.

I hate being trapped in a glass case of emotion. I hear there's a really good doctor near my home on whore island, maybe you should go there and get your ovary checked out.

wmy said...

Ok darling...I believe a "Rachel Ray can eat me" fan club is in order...or non-fan club for that matter. Watch her when she is talking...she flaps her hands around so damn much!!! I wan't to reach right through the TV and choke the life right out of her! I just flip the channel instead...I am kinda lazy ya know.

Night Swimmer said...

I didn't think I would like the Nelly Furtado new album because I didn't like her music before...but I must admit it's on my playlist when I go to the gym.