Thursday, February 04, 2010

Thursday….. it’s time for a Haiku how can you resist!!!

Hello Chickens, hope you’re all having a fabulous week full of things like espresso colonics and weekend facelifts. Momma’s been uber busy with things like getting those pesky last two ribs removed and trying to find a way to take all my meals in pill form so I don’t mess up my lovely new veneers. However, as I was sitting in the doctors office while he was saying annoying things like “unnecessary surgery” and “risks to your health” I thought to myself, “What a lovely time to come up with some haikus that illustrate the goings on of our regal brain…. So here we are chickens…

Vida Group Power
Your name is not quite correct
Single fat chicks right

Snownami is great
Gays won’t know what to do now
Crew club will be packed

Butterstick is gone
China is In’jun giver
Let’s steal the great wall

Jim Graham is creepy
Stop staring at my rear end
Must find new food store

Impending snow storm
Must remember essentials
Gin, vodka, mixers

Don’t ask don’t’ tell bad
I love men in uniform
They take orders well

So there are just a few snippets on this Thursday chickens, stay dry, stay warm, and remember, crunches, they aren’t just for the summer time anymore, and if you think people don't notice... you're just wrong.

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