Thursday, October 12, 2006

Haiku, because I can

Madge, you not Jolie
Stop Adopting Africans
Adopt me, I'm poor

Blowoff this weekend
Standing in lines for suckers
Make friends with bouncer

Fall season is here
so excited for sweaters
J.Crew is my crack

Halloween is close
No costume ideas yet
I am bad gay man

Lance Bass is a tool
JR's good to kick him out
He should lay off cake


Anastacia Beaverhausen said...

Lance Bass got kicked out of JRs? What the...?

jimbo said...

Yeah, do tell! I love trashy gossip like that!

copperred said...

Gurl, you ain't buyin' yo' tix in advance, are ya?

Lance Bass at JR's? Oh dear, I guess this is what I miss when I don't go past 14th street. Did you seduce Reichen?

Dale said...

Anastasia + Jimbo: While stories of Lance bass and his Non-tourage getting asked to leave by the wonderful staff at JR's are much heresay at this moment I will report that rumors are mostly often based in fact.

Copperred: Nah I didn't buy my ticket in advance, can one even do that?? And while Reichen is a very good looking man, anyone who would pork the bleach induced tragedy that is Lance Bass needs not be admitted to my boudoir.

Matthew Henry said... was closing time...i was forced to ask him to leave and did so very politely.

dagger said...

Many blog exist
To be amuse and self evident
Dale succeed like crack to butt