Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Just when you thought everything was peachy

Ok..... So I have as of recently been wearing my contacts to the gym for better or for worse. I'll admit it, I enjoy the eye candy whilst running, working out, stretching, take your pick. Although I will say I do make the most concerted effort not to have roaming eyes in the locker room.

Anyways so I was having a good workout, as one does, a nice run, good stretch, I was hitting my machines and weights the way that I wanted to.

*Aside* I have never been nor will I ever be someone who others mistake for living at a gym, I'm not saying I'm some tub of goo that sits around all the time nor do I look like it, I just don't have veins bulging or arms that could choke a bear, I made my peace with that a LONG time ago and have absolutely no shame about it.

In any event, I'm doing my thing, working out some muscles as one does, and I catch this guy across the room looking at me, so I do the usual...... look directly into his eyes, half smile, and look away and pretend to be REALLY concentrated on either the exercise that I'm doing or whatever happens to be playing on my iPod at that particular moment (it happened to be "I know what boys like", go figure).

Then I look back.... he's still smiling at me. Now this guy is a gentleman whom I would gladly give my contact information to, think 6'5" very attractive, late 20's.

He then saunters over to my machine, so I ever so casually take out my earphone (I'm breezy!) and say "Hey", and he says "Hey my name's [McSweaty]"

And then the bomb drops when he says........

"ummmm by the way do you know you're doing that wrong?"

Not to totally lose my poise and decorum I said, "Oh really? can you show me how to do it correctly? I was a swimmer, some of these machines are wicked foreign to me."

He then showed me how to find an "appropriate weight" and "appropriate use" of the machine in question.

After the tutorial I thanked him and being totally embarassed with thoughts of "hmmm did everyone know I was doing that the wrong way" running through my head I casually walked to the shower, rinsed off the shame, walked home, and may or may not have eaten my weight in peanut butter toast. PS, I'm convinced peanut butter toast solves all things.


Anonymous said...

Sweetie, you always strike me as super brilliant, but OMG, there's no "wrong way" to do something in the gym. Chalk his comment up to his not finding the proper ice breaker comment. Obviously your beauty made him nervous and he made a comment that in hindsight looks totally ridiculous. Forget the peanut butter and get your rump back at that gym. He's obviously interested and you should give it a twirl.

P.S. Most of the boys in the gym are interested in one thing. Themselves. No one noticed your presumed faux pas, and if they did, they probably thought it was cute which would mean that person is NOT self-absorbed by noticing the fabulous person that you are.

Ta Ta For Now

Anonymous said...

great rebound, btw.

Anonymous said...

Peanut butter toast does solve all things.....tis my favorite!