Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Mel Gibson.......from Hot.....to.....Not

Mel Gibson, muscley action hero with a penchant for good acting a la braveheart, a la man without a face, a la Mad Max two (even though we ALL know that Tina Turner made that movie what it was "thunderdome...two men enter, one man leaves"). It appears that in his ripe old age of 49, Mr. Gibson has suffered himself a small creative stroke.

Tip Off #1: The Passion of the Christ, an entire movie shot in a dead language about the bloody crucifixion of the son of god. Now with the entire political (religious right trying to force jesus all up in my piece), international ( Wars raging in the middle east, setting for the Passion), and spiritual (Priests being accused left, right, center, and sideways of abuse, not to mention el fuhrer pope) one would think that would give this man pause to reflect and say....hmmmm maybe this is in bad taste currently.

Tip Off#2: Mr. Gibson has released in a press statement that he is in the process of making another movie in a language that is no longer in use anymore..... mayan, in a film called 'Apocolypto', now I'm sorry but WTF!?!? Shot entirely in the jungles of South America with a cast comprised entirely of unknown actors of mayan descent. Why oh why mel would you commit Professional suicide in such a manner? I can understand there being a market for religious fanatics to see "The Passion" but a film in Mayan??? yikes

Whatever happened to the good old days when actors, after milking the most out of their prime sex appeal years just got eccentric and drunk?? I think this borders on CUHRAZZY

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aklsdjhfa said...

He's still got nothin' on Tom Cruise! That hombre is really loco!!!