Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tales from the weekend!

Perhaps I saw This Movie on Friday night with two of my peeps post cal-tor goodness.... now I have several things to say about this experience. Namely, Cal-Tor is a bad substitute for the crack-infused wonderment that is The Holy Land. Secondly if you do see the above-linked movie, please for the love of jesus don't go see it on a date, I left the movie pretty much soured on any and all relationships, that is until my a.d.d kicked in and I forgot about it.

I spent the majority of Saturday, after some errands in the morning, doing my favorite activity..... sitting in my ratty old sweatpants watching Sally Fields/Valerie Bertinelli/Judith Light get out of whatever eating disorder/bad relationship/battle with cancer they found themselves in. Oh and I also may have watched the Color Purple and identified with Ms. Oprah because, well, I'm a strong black woman. I also may have watched the Joy Luck Club, and identified with my Asian sisters, I may have eaten sushi while doing that..... don't judge me.

I might have gone out on Saturday night, I might have seen one of my friends ex's who dicked him over. I might have had the following conversation with him

Ex from hell (XFH): Hey [Dale], how are you (attempts to hug me)

Dale: (puts one arm out stop hugging process) I'm sorry, please don't hug me.

XFH: I'm sorry, let me buy you a drink.

Dale: Thanks, but I don't accept drinks from "expletive expletive expletive racial slur expletive" (and exit stage left)

I ate on Sunday at Le Pigalle, which used to be Peppers of mediocre food fame. I would just like to say that the names may have changed but the food sure as poo hasn't. I let the gentleman caller order my drink, he ordered me some sort of drink in a martini glass with chambord and other fruit juices in it. I don't do that. I like my drinks like I like my men, tall, strong and goes down smooth, not hating on the fruity fruit drinks.... well maybe I am a little.


Anonymous said...

My new roomie reviewed Last Kiss, and had similar, albeit less blunt, comments to make about it. P.S. where is Chip?

- Boo-boo

Mark said...

Le Pigalle... The Post critic had only one nice thing to say about it... "At least the water was cold." I haven't had the courage to try it yet.

Don't hate on the fruity fruit drinks too much... Hate on those that order them for you without having a clue as to what you might actually like.

Unless the guy is hot...