Thursday, September 14, 2006


Since I will be spa-ing it up for most of the day tomorrow only to take short breaks for pilates and walking the dog around the country estate, I will not be posting tomorrow my little duckies, so I will leave you with five delicious thoughts to send you into the weekend.

1). Whitney's not having it toooodaaaaaaayyyyyyyy. Apparently she and Bobby Brown are done-zo.... now Bobby, haven't we learned the lessons of other man-servant/husbands that if you want to remain on the gravy train you have to keep your head out of the crack-dens, also you and your fellow leeches of life should realize that just because you are attached to someone who, at one point had a talent that was marketable to the american people, that does not mean that YOU yourself have talent.... that's like saying, "Oh well I have an asian friend so that makes me a ninja". Because no... little ducky, it surely does not.

2). Adrian Fenty has been, for all intensive purposes, voted as the new mayor of the District of Columbia. I wonder if he will take my oh so sage advice for a district wide ban on jean shorts, visors, and sleeveless T's?? Or at least institute a tax loop for me being able to write off my bar tabs at gay bars as "multicultural outreach networking." c'mon Fenty..... PS how pissed off is he that his parents named him Adrian.... so unfortunate.

3). JR's on 17th just celebrated it's 20th Anniversary, which means that when it opened I was 4, who would have known on that day in 1986 that JR's was not even a glint in my lacoste/izod clad eyes, complete with requisite knee socks with the colored stripes at the top, rocking the keds and shorts with the white piping around the edges. PS who wanted to be liono so bad he carried the sword around with him at all times?? yup this guy. Now I just wanna be liono so I can wear a unitard and knee boots and yell HO at the top of my lungs.

4). As was evident in MW this week, some gays will go to the opening of an envelope if enough booze is offered. I however turned down my invitation for the opening of a new gym in DC, for several reasons, firstly events at gyms tend not to be the social event of the season lest we forget last years "fashion show" at resluts which I am sad to say I attended. Secondly who the hell goes to the opening of a gym? it's not exactly like the opening of a bar, club, or super social institution?? Thirdly, as we are currently operating from our country estate we have not the effort or energy to attend what I consider to be a tier 3 event.... Tier one being events held at super social clubs and bars, Tier two consisting of events at restaurants and cafe's, and Tier three being places I wouldn't ever go to unless I was promised enough booze to erase any bad time I would probably have.

5). Pumpkin Spice latte's have ushered in the fall.... is it just me or is anyone else having a wtf what happened to summer moment?? Oh well, I look cute in cable-knits and scarves.


jimbo said...

Pumpkin Spice lattes are gross...I tried one and almost barfed.

But yes, time sped up during the summer months, and I am left wondering WTF as well.

Bryn said...

re: item #1 about bobby and whitney:

Don't Be Cruel came out in 1988. Bobby and Whitney got married in 1992. Bobby was a star with the number 1 record before they got hitched. Just sayin'.

Not that they have an un-cracked brain cell between them now, but it's not fair to say that Bobby leeched on Whitney's stardom.

Chris said...

wtf did happen to summer? I feel like it was June just a few days ago. Ah well...