Friday, October 28, 2005

Friday Five....or topics of conversation

So.... I thought I'd go with 5 conversations that have stood out over the past week to give you a little peek into my world......

1). This conversation was had with the nice gentleman at the liquor store when I was buying libations for the brunch that my kickball team is having pre-playoffs, btw we are obviously the coolest.....
Dale: Do you think that one handle of vodka and 2 bottles of champagne is enough?
Liquor store man: Well how many people is it for
Dale: about tenish....but were playing kickball
Liquor store man: hmmm well you can't go wrong with two, in fact were having a sale.
Dale: okie dokie
Liquor store man: That'll be more than enough, the chances of somebody getting up on a table will go up exponentially

2). Conversation I had with Cookie over text message as I was watching Monster and making Chips Halloween Costume
Cookie: I just laughed when I saw an entry in my phone of Dale hot asian
Dale: Nice! I like that title

3). This conversation tugs at my heart strings. This is a guy whom for various reasons things didn't work out between us. He currently is a farmer in Washington State who calls me every so often just to "check in." If things had worked out I probably wouldn't be spending so many nights alone now...... p.s. he always smells like clean laundry which for some reason always makes me smile.
Farmer: Just come out here and marry me, my sister is a caterer
Dale: Give me a ring
Farmer: I'll give you a diamond ring.
Dale: you always were a sweet talker
Farmer: come out here and not only will I give you a ring, I'll carry you off on a white horse.
Dale: "swoon"

The great part is, he's got the white horse so that isn't idle chat!!!

4). This conversation I had with my kid sister who is 19, earlier in the week, p.s. for those of you whom I've met imagine a little shorter female version of me and you've pretty much got her.
Sister: I'm going to be an angel for halloween
Dale: That's awesome, I was an angel for halloween my senior year!
Sister: White booty shorts and midriff top?
Dale: duh
Sister: body glitter, wings, and halo?
Dale: ummm DUH
Sister: wow....we ARE related.

5). Conversation I had with my new boss who, btw, is totally cool. Anyone who drops the EF bomb in front of me during a conference call is ok in my book.
Boss: my husband and I are gonna be devils at this halloween party were going to. I really don't want to wear the red tights.
Dale: Red tights aren't so bad, try wearing them while your 50 feet in the air, or getting tossed around by a bunch of people.
Boss: ummmm excuse me??
Dale: ohhhhhhhhh riiiiiiight....... yeah I used to be in the circus
Boss: that explains so much......... (insert awkward robot dance here)

I have made my offerings to the gods of halloween with gifts of candy and alcohol, may everyone's halloween be crazy, fun, and most of all "social"!!!!!!

p.s. I'm totally going High School style and wearing my kickball t-shirt to work, throw back to the days when the entire swim team would all wear our warm up pants and warm up jackets to school along with the requisite socks in our school colors..... YAY KICKBALL!!!!

Be Aggressive... B-E Aggressive.... B-E-AGG-RESS-IVE.... Be AGGRESSIVE!!!!


Aunt Sassy said...

Could one bottle of champagne EVER be enough? Good luck with the kickball ... don't break a nail.
Aunt S

A Unique Alias said...

Hahahah! The world needs more awkward robot dance interludes.

DC Cookie said...

When you're that beautiful, you don't need a last name...

Dale said...

Aunt Sassy: true story, and thanks, I'm in dire need of some mani/pedi loving anyways

AUA: my life has PLENTY of awkward robot dance interludes....

Cookie: You're in my phone as just "Cookie" so the road goes both ways hot stuff!

Anonymous said...

A diamond and a white horse...WOW!

Have a great weekend!

VP of Dior said...

looks like you're on your way to a "brokeback mountain" scene! have a good weekend!

Miss Penny Lane said...

I was never a cheerleader (my mom's mantra was "You aren't going to cheer on the boys from the sidelines, you're going to play sports!"), but I can't spell aggressive without singing that damn cheer.

Washington Cube said...

I would have said five bottles of vodka (at least two flavored), ten bottles of champagne, and some peach nectar in case someone wants to go glam and have Bellini's. Sounds like an interesting and busy weekend. Can't wait to read the recap.