Friday, October 07, 2005

Our Powers combined.......were SUPER GAY

So the first 'mo blogger happy hour was an unequivocal success.

After a gorge-fest a la chipotle style with my counterpart Chip I worked up the cujones to brave JR's by myself, not knowing what would await me........

I planted myself firmly in line of sight with pretty much everybody so that I could therefore be approached by theboy , who was very friendly and came right up to me.... thankfully as I was guzzling my G & T to facilitate my friendliness.

I then proceeded to acquaint myself with Mr. Bartender, Mrs. Jesus, and The Party Girl.... all of whom are uber super fun, I knew I was in for a memorable evening!

After getting our drink on at JR's we decided to head over to Green Lantern.... I, having never been there before was very unsure of what was in store for me, as the boy said when I asked him to describe it.... "seedy"...... awesome.

We arrived and were handed our cups, we then proceeded to take our shirts off and head upstairs where the gentleman were congregating, we cocktailed ourselves and set up our real estate in order to see and be seen. And this is when the fun began.........

Now I think the boy is giving me a huge compliment when he calls me a 'boy magnet', I don't believe this is the case. I have the market cornered on the sweet and shy and innocent look, doe-eyed and such, that when used correctly is a weapon of unimaginable power. The only caveat is that I can only adequately use said weapon at times that are not governed by me.

In any event, as the boy said, he motioned for a gentleman in a full suit to come over to us, and said gentleman proceeded to start molesting Mrs. Jesus and Myself. Thank goodness for Mr. Bartender who told him that in order to touch us he had to take off his clothes.... the gentleman was housed and apparently not able to complete said task. So being the helpful fairy that I am I unbuttoned his shirt, took off his tie (which I put around my neck) and helped him disrobe. I think the guy wasn't sure what hit him as he kinda stumbled off after that.

The rest of the green lantern is a blur of men, shirtlessness and fun, I haven't had such a good time in recent memory and hope to go again at some point.

Apex will always be sadlands to me, and the throng of teenage twinked out children didn't dissapoint. the particulars are still a little blurry to me as I'm nursing my hangover from the comfort of my secret lair but I get the impression I had a good time.

I think that when the Urban Family, Team Lady, and DC Gays of our lives all combine, the force is something to be reckoned with, we apparently have the power to make men give us their accessories.... my next goal? I want some cufflinks!! ..... watch out DC :)

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Anonymous said...

Dale, sounds like y'all had a great time. Hope you are feeling better and the hangover is gone.
Have a great weekend!