Sunday, October 30, 2005

Weekend Roundup...... Halloween craziness

So I'm posting my weekend roundup a day earlier than usual due to the fact that I'll be sojourning into suburban MD to battle with the demons of the DMV..... damn demons.

Anyways friday night I spent doing last minute prep for my halloween costume and watching Crash which was a total mind F**k by the way. In a good way! plus Matt Dillon makes me a little weak in the knees. I'm not huge on Ryan Phillipe, I've never really gone for the classic pretty boy types. Plus I've got a thing for a guy that can look like he can pick me up and toss me over his shoulder!

Saturday morning, woke up around 8, made sure the living room to my palace was acceptable, read: that there were no large chunks of crap on the floor. Then I set up the vodka, the champers, broke out the entemans goodness and waited for my kickball team to arrive to begin the festivities, all the while watching the mary kate and ashley olsen halloween special, obvy. The kickball team arrived in full force. Unfortunately Chip was reffing a game prior to ours and couldn't make it. Apparently about 12 of us went through 5 bottles of champagne, a handle and a half of vodka (while the cranberry juice is suprisingly still mostly full) about 6 red bulls, and assorted other things we had lying around the house. We proceeded to the mall and the competition ensued.

Things that stand out about the 6 hour kickball tournament:

1). Winning and becoming the undisputed undefeated champions of DC Kickball!!!
2). Standing in front of a team mate when he got pantsed and getting a full frontal view of what this gentleman brings to the party..... not too shabby.... not too shabby at all.
3). Taking out about 5 people when they were crowding the baseline and I was trying to make it to home plate.... it's not my fault they were in the way.....or that I'd had enough to drink where running in a straight line wasn't exactly my strong suit.
4). Getting up to plate in a pair of red booty shorts and having Chip yell out.. "He's got more legs
than your entire team!!!"

After that I made my way back home and took a much needed disco nap.

After awakening and realizing that I had much to do I prepared myself for my halloween costume by making sure I would look absolutley fabulous. Now for those of you whom I haven't told I was tinkerbell for halloween.... I made my shorts from a pair of sweats that are marketed for 13 year old girls... and a green wife beater.... add a pair of wings and some body glitter and you've got me. Below is a picture of the shorts. The blow pop has been placed on the shorts so everyone can get an adequate appreciation for the "shortness"

I made my way over to Chips, we had some chinese food and proceeded to get ready for our night on the town. Along with Chip's fantastic roommate we headed over to a mutual friend that lives about 2 blocks away. During the trip over I succeeded in stopping traffic for the first time of the evening..... he he he. Got to the friends, had a cocktail and headed up to AdMo to meet two of our other friends at a party of a co-worker of theirs. Party was lots of fun, definitely had a really cute guy come up to me and ask if he could take his picture with me which I obviously agreed to, apparently he's straight but I'm thinking there may be a little bit of a lie in that statement. My friends costumes were amazing and included: Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan, Richard Simmons complete with a shirt I provided that read J'adore Sex, A bumble bee and flower, Gold diggers, and Jessica Cutler/slutty intern.

After that Chip was tired and I was tired of the straight scene so we headed back to the gayborhood where I bid Chip goodnight and headed over to Cobalt expecting to see some familiar faces. Obviously it didn't dissapoint and I saw a couple friends and proceeded to do my diva strut right on over, the crowd obviously parting like the dead sea. We do the hello how are you routine and he chides me for not helping out at a fashion show he produced last week to benefit starving children or poor people or some disease, I'm not sure it really matters. He wanted me to help dress the models and honestly I've been on the other side of that coin and there's nothing more deprecating than having a skinny coked out clothes hanger of a woman looking disdainfully at you when you're trying to put clothes on her. I hope I wasn't too much of a bitch in my day......... I made up some excuse obviously about how "I had been swamped at work" (lie) and "have been dead tired" (lie). He said it was fine as long as I agreed to walk for him when he produces his next show which apparently includes a mens line. I said fine as long as it wasn't like the last one he wanted me to do, which would have included me in a sarong.....and that's it...... I'm sorry momma don't play like that.

I then sat down at my usual throne and surveyed the scene with my friend and his non-tourage and being unbelievably bored at their conversation I did what I normally do.... motion for a cute guy to come over and start a flirtatious conversation with him. I lost big time last night, it turns out the cute guy that came over was A) wasted, and B) boring. I sent him to the bar to get me a drink and had the obligatory conversation with him which included him asking where I lived... "oh I live in Dupont" (lie) and what time I was planning on leaving cobalt, "Oh I'll probably stay late" (lie), I think he probably got the idea or lost interest at staring at my scantily clad self and wandered off. I then said my goodbyes to my peeps and headed downstairs and out the door with the doorman stating on the way out.... "hope you stay warm tonight cutie" I'm sorry, skin crawl much? I then proceeded to stop traffic for the second time of the night, and caught a cab home to my oh so comfortable bed..... alone.

The word of the day sunday will be recovery..... and sushi as I'm travelling back out to MD to have dinner with crazy ass grandpa and great aunt and chill out with my parents for the evening.


Asian Mistress said...

Damn why didn't you post pictures???

Asians always stop traffic.

And I love this: "there's nothing more deprecating than having a skinny coked out clothes hanger of a woman looking disdainfully at you when you're trying to put clothes on her."

Washington Cube said...

So come with me,
where dreams are born,
and time is never planned.
Just think of happy things,
and your heart will fly
on wings, forever,
in Never Never Land!
..but not Cobalt.

Jumpah said...

definitely brave to have those shorts on such a chilly night..I bet girls were jealous of those legs..

VP of Dior said...

wow those shorts are boo!tylicious