Monday, October 10, 2005

Tales from Philadelphia

This weekend served as another reminder of just how much I love to visit Philadelphia. I had an absolutely wonderful trip! Here's the breakdown:

Friday I arrived, and kicked it at the crib-o before meeting up with my friend S to celebrate her recent engagement and enjoy some D. Lish sushi. Yum! Nothing too exciting, just great company and good food. Dinner was followed by a viewing of Hitch, during which I passed the f out.

Saturday morning, I ventured over to King of Prussia for what I thought would be a quick trip to pick up a present for my sister and maybe a few things for myself. Unfortunately, I struck out like WHOA and picked out the worst possible gift I've ever given my sister.

Following my less-than-enjoyable trip to Mecca (King of Prussia mall), I went over to another mall where a close friend works to meet for lunch. D has been working at that mall for what feels like an eternity, and we caught up while we ate at Bain's Deli. Not exactly Jim's, Geno's or Pat's, but still alright.

Saturday night was definitely the highlight of the trip. I prepped by ordering another sushi dinner (from the same restaurant). Unforunately, I ate WAY too much (shocker). Whatevs. I grabbed a case o' beer, and headed over to my sister's gf's house. A group had congregated to watch the Penn State / Ohio State game (some of my sister's friends, including the gf, are Penn State grads). Nothin' like a bunch of 'mos and lesbians watching college football.

When I got there, there were two other guys present, one cute, and one eh. I inferred they were a couple, but then my sister informed me that they were "on the outs" and the cute one "wanted me." Ummm, I'm sorry, but this is not New Order's Bizarre Love Triangle, and I was not trying to spend my night all caught up in some BGD (Big Gay Drama). Then, I had a few beers, and applied heavy flirting....

Firs stop of the night: Sister's nightclub. I actually saw my first gay gang! This flock of blonde girls who all looked 21 or 22 pimp walked into the club wearing navy T-shirts with sayings such as "Player" and "Thank Your Girlfriend for Me." Furthermore, they were wearing trucker hats and ties.... trucker hats and ties. It was as if Avril Lavigne and Ashton Kutcher produced tragically unhip lesbian children. Yikes! Had I not been caught in there territory, I would have made some choice remarks to them, but I was afraid to be too much of an asshole at such an early point in the evening.

Second stop: Tavern on Camac. The thing I liked about this bar was that it was almost an equal mix of guys and girls. I can't recall ever going to a gay bar and experiencing that kind of balance. Almost as soon as I got in there, I saw a guy at the bar who was abso-fucking-lutely adorable, and proceeded to stare (read: leer) at him for the next 10 minutes. He must've not thought it was cute, for he didn't talk to me (primarily b/c it WASN'T cute). I spent most of the rest of the night trying to find him, but failed miserably. Anywho, we had some more drinks, shots and danced, fun for all. I saw another attractive gentleman and was blatantly checking him out, b/c this other guy walked up to me and blew up my spot: "I wouldn't think you'd go for a guy like that." (He obviously doesn't know me). We chatted for a bit, but then the crew decided to hit up the after hours club, Pure.

We're hanging out on the back stair well waiting for everyone to come, when some drunk girl took a step or two down the stairs and totally bit it! When I got out of the bathroom, all I could see were these two legs sticking out of the bar. It was tots Wizard of House, sans house and the fact that she wasn't a witch. After a hearty laugh (we made sure she was okay, of course. Me thinks she may have lost some teeth though!), and some scary drag queens, we ptfo'ed (peaced the f*ck out) and went to Pure.

Like many gay bars, our hands were stamped upon arriving. Pure's stamp read: "You Go Girl" What? No, "girl," I don't. Why do they have to have the gayest effin' stamp? I asked the stamper why they couldn't use a star or something, but he was useless. JR's often uses a stamp that reads "Every City has Its Secrets" SO unnecessary. Pure ended up being uneventful, but we stayed out til about 4. Sister accompanied the excessively drunk gf home on the early side.

Sunday: brunch with sister and the parents, train back to DC, qt with the roommate and her sister who was in town for the weekend. Attempt to watch Finding Neverland crashed and burned. I've heard that movie is great, but we just could not get into it at all.

Sidenotes: Roommate's sister has a Razr, and although previously unimpressed, I am now obsessed! I've also realized that my tendency to drop my phone (among other things, such as my camera) makes me less than a qualified candidate to purchase a Razr.


Dale said...

oh I'm tots obsessed with the Razr, I'd get one buy my cell phones keep ending up in the washing machine... crap.

Rhinestone Cowgirl said...

Tragically unhip lesbian children... I love it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had fun! Welcome back!