Friday, April 07, 2006

Friday Five A Hot or Not sort of day

1). Hot: My parents are going to their first PFLAG meeting (if you met my parents you knew this is NOT the sort of thing that a WASPY [cept for daddykins, he's geisha] martini drinking, buick driving sweater set wearing family does....... we like to take trips to the corner of Denial and Booze.
Not: My mom wants to walk in the pride parade in a sunhat and pearls with a cocktail... after coming from her anniversary party that I'm planning., her wedding dress... who wants to bet she gets confused for a drag queen?

2). Hot: Rolling into a lawyers office this morning in big black sunglasses, jeans and an oversized hoody like I was a trophy wife on the way to a estate hearing and when the secretary man asked me if I wanted anything I said a latte.....and he went and got me starbucks.
Not: After about ten minutes of mulling over the "how do I know you" thing it dawned on me. I made out with him while dancing at Cobalt. Needless to say I kept the sunglasses on till I was seated with the lawyer.

3). Hot: the prospect of emigrating from East Uzbekistan to the new super-fun location, where... btw I am neighbors with butterstick... jealous? yeah I'd be too.
Not: The number it's going to do on my bank account when I can walk everywhere instead of cabbing it.

4). Hot: The prospect of warm weather and popped collars, flip flops and sunglasses for me
Not: The fact that Mother Nature is apparently on the rag and decided to be a B*tch and rain all over me when I was walking to my meeting a la trophy wife fame this morning.

5). Hot: I'm deeming this cocktail the new cocktail of Spring at least it's MY new cocktail of spring.
Not: The fact that it's honestly purely a joke and I won't drink it at all and I will be sticking to my two lovers.... Vodka and Gin in all their forms.


Dop said...

I am making it my personal campaign to bring back Sidecars. Love them - perfect all year.

Anastacia Beaverhausen said...

Honey.. popped collars? Come on.. it's not 2001.

Taylor said...

Actually #3 should balance itself out ... you'll save $10 a pop on cab rides than can be spent elsewhere. So essentially it's a wash, except they money's not going to cabbies anymore.

DCSportsChick said...

Seriously? Popped collars?

Dale said...

Ok first of all.... currently I'm just popping my collar to piss everyone off.... buah ha ha ha.

Polt said...

Your mom in the Pride Parade, in her wedding dress with PFLAG??? Oh my GOD, I will SO be looking for her, and have my camera ready!