Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday..... hungover at work....what a shocker.

So ok, now that I'm living in Jumanji instead of eastern Czechoslovakia I can walk the runway (17th st.) all the live long day if I so choose.... this may not have been the best decision as now I can also frequent all the bars without worrying about cabs and such and so on and so forth.... Anyways... things that I may or may not have learned last night include:

1). Ok so I'm so Bob Villa and I'm redoing parts of Jumanji, mostly just changing the showerhead but whatever. Apparently putting the wrench thingy next to the showerhead you want to change and walking away to pour yourself a glass of wine and eat dinner doesn't get the job done... what the hell is the point of tools if they don't do stuff themselves?? PS, I'm so butch right now.

2). Totally introduced myself by saying "oh I'm Dale of DC Gays of our lives" to this fellow whom apparently I've been introduced to several times before and may or may not have conversed with on several occasions. I am horrible with names and remembering people but I still hate playing the "you met me but I don't remember meeting you" game. *Insert Awkward Robot Dance Here*

PS- It always suprises me when people remember me by face and/or name, in a good way like finding a dollar in your shoe, not like a "hmmm I wonder what that bump on my (gentialia) is?" kind of way

3). Getting McDonalds and supersizing it on the way home after a night out at the bars..... not a good idea.... I am not in a good place right now. I really need to stick to Amsterdam Falafel.

4). Yeah I had to have This Lady's boyfriend pretend to be MY boyfriend last night when I got cornered by a member of the icky club.... picture it, acne scars, mid to late 30's, greased back ponytail..... obviously pure klass. Anyways I know that guy because we graduated from the same institution (albeit when he graduated people still used slide rules and I graduated in 04) and at the accepted students reception at the National Press Club a year ago, (PS I went because the school asked me to because I'm the most ethnic person in life) Anyways el sketcho wanted to "talk about the school," however, thanks due to the fake bf, I said I had to go and I think I even pulled the.... "My (fake) bf is SO bossy, he wants to go to the other side of the bar?? Oh well, k talk to you soon, oh sorry can't get my phone out to get your number... kthxbi!!"

5). I'm starting my weekend position as a retail freak tomorrow morning..... to take a quote from the best episode of Saved by the Bell , as affirmed by this lady (closely followed by the episode where slater does ballet to impress jesse and the beginning of my love affair with Mario Lopez) and the reasoning behind the naming of the best kickball team in DC... "I'm so excited, so scared" (Ok not so much on the scared part but the chance of there being hot guys I'll be working with will be high right??)


Kathryn Is So Over said...

The Jesse Spano on caffeine pills ep. is the SHIZZ. Nice call.

Carrie Broadshoulders said...

I knew from that episode exactly where she was headed...straight to showgirls.

I am also hungover today. Very hungover. Thank god they are closing this dump at 4pm. I have to go to bed.

Dale said...

Kathryn: True

Carrie: she's totally a straight to video type of actress. Yeah me too, I am still not in a good place.

Carrie Broadshoulders said...

me either. i just tried to eat lunch and thought i was going to pass out. i'm outta here in ONE HOUR. i don't think i can rally tonight and go out again. sad. truly sad.

VP of Dior said...

it's always good to have a few hot boys around to step into the role of fake bf/palm frond boy/ spiritual advisor. good luck tomorrow.