Monday, April 03, 2006

Daylight savings time blows

Now that we are living in a non-agrarian centric society I think that the only goal that daylight savings time serves is to piss me off. The hour in question doesn't help me get anything done, nor does it make my use of the hours in which it is light more productive. It only confuses me and makes me apt to rip anyone within earshot of me a new one as well as put thoughts into my head like... "Ok so it's ok that I can't keep my eyes open in the shower, because while in the outside world it says 7 am on the clock, here in my circle of trust it's really 6 am... ok that makes sense"

.... PS remember the time that a team from Va made it to the final two in bball in 2k6? yeah me either.... GO LADY TERPS!! (just another tidbit why Md rules and Va....well drools because everyone's inbred)

Also as was brought to my attention this weekend, apparently I have bought a large amount of tickets that are non-stop one way to friendship town when I MEANT to buy at least a couple tickets to make out/ any town that's not bff town. Who was the cool kid that THOUGHT that the invitation to "get a couple drinks at my apt. on the rooftop deck and then go out dancing" was more than an invitation to hang out?? this guy (even though ok, not blaming the guy in question, really not his fault, plus he's wicked hot) Who stood around while said gentleman blatantly hit on somebody else and totally had the "this is a bad situation" light go on and had to excuse myself from el gay club?? This guy. Who ended the night by fat girl-ing it with two slices of Jumbo Slice and a partial viewing of Memoirs of a Geisha? this guy. Who may or may not have woken up in the middle of the night to take a drink of water, and took a huge gulp of the vodka tonic that I had apparently poured myself before passing out?? Yup you guessed it... this guy.

So, lets recap.... Daylight savings time... sucks. Being tooled on (however non-intentional)..... sucks. However picnic on the mall followed by fried chicken and beer drinking games followed by going out to AdMo with your friends?? does NOT suck. Week was a wash, lets pick up the pace people!

UPDATE: Ok so remember how I had my dream about the people I'd be working with at Snotty Retail Location (SRL)??? People I'm working with include a president of a local fraternity (shocking), two sorostitutes from AU (even more shocking) and another mo. I'm SO token right now......


Asian Mistress said...

Fried chicken mmmmm. Damn you and your asian metabolism. That I guess I didn't get. Haha.

Dop said...

Hopefully it didn't rain (or much at least) during your weekend. That would have made things worse.

RetroDragon said...

If you find a place to trade in those one-way tickets, let me know. I seem to have a few of them lying around the house as well.

I've made the vodka/water mistake before: it's always an interesting way to start the morning.

Dale said...

AM: fried chicken is the bestest!!

Dop: It only rained saturday morning but I was doing a grocery run in my old sweats anyways so I didn't care

Retro: Yeah there has to be some sort of exchange program out there.

vodka/water mistake is a tough call on a weekend morning

Carrie Broadshoulders said...

FYI - Virginia's women basketball has been to the Final Four twice already, granted 15 years ago. I do believe this is Maryland's first trip. Virginia also has a 17-5 record against Maryland over the last decade. Oh and Virginia Tech's team (just to cover that other college or whatever it is in Virginia) has a 5-2 record against Maryland over the last 12 years. I guess everyone gets lucky now and again. Plus if basketball results were directly correlated with which state is better, then that would mean North Carolina would kick both Maryland and Virginia's ass and I think we can both agree that ain't true. Either way I will still be rooting for Maryland against Duke. Maryland may suck, but North Carolina sucks more.

I'm lost, why is waking up and drinking the glass of vodka by your bed an odd thing? Did you forget to take the vicodin with it or something?

Kathryn Is So Over said...

GO CARRIE!!!!!!!

I knew I liked you.

Now, how to go about hiding from all that's gay and fabulous that not only did I grow up in Virginia, but my parents (and all my relatives) are from North Carolina...even the ones who grew up in NY went to Chapel Hill... Oops.