Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Do you ever have people in your life that spout out endless streams of non-interesting, annoying like a Herpes outbreak on a first date type of prattle?? I'm not talking about friends that you talk to on a regular basis, people with whom you're actually interested in knowing how they're doing and what's going on in their lives, I'm talking about people with whom you are forced to be in the same physical space with but if you saw on the street and it were possible, you would avoid them like a post prom trip to planned parenthood.

I'm talking about co-workers. These are people whom you are more than willing to be polite to, say things like "have a good weekend?" and "Oh I know, the day can't end soon enough!" but don't really have a vested interest in anything that's going on. Not to say that co-workers can't be friends but the chance

I've seen this phenomenon more with women than with men, be it gay straight or pat, Men seem to want to get in, do what they need to do and get out whereas women (at my place of business) seem to need to have an ongoing noise stream going.

And it's effing annoying.

Not only don't I care about how you treat your pets like people, I REALLY don't care when you start telling me about how you're taking off work to get them chemo for a skin cancer that you just had biopsied blah blah blah blah. I just want to respond with "you know, you should really shoot the poor thing, want me to do it? Hold on, let me get my gun from the car."

Not only don't I care about how you and your bf of three years who hasn't even given you a key to his place much less popped any sort of question other than TGI Fridays or Bennigans, are planning on saving your money to go on a vaca to Ocean City *don't even get me started on Ocean City btw, never been, pure trash* I really want to respond with, "TGI Fridays huh? I hear they call that the Le Cirque of Manassas, you live at the intersection of nowhere and white trash right? Is that what they do for fun out there?"

As much as I'd like to hear inane stories about things that I don't care about.... oddly enough, I have better things to do (like obviously friendster stalking, blogging, and chatting on IM all day with people that I'd actually LIKE to talk to) I would rather we keep our conversations to a "how are you doing today" "Fine thank you" type of relationship.

PS - Did someone misplace their b*tch pills because it seems that I have more than enough to go around

PPS - I'm actually not in a bad mood today

PPPS - I may or may not have woken up this morning with cake all over my face having fallen asleep with a piece in my mouth last night.


Polt said...

Do you often fall asleep with something in your mouth? Inquiring minds and all...

sparkles anonymous! said...

"Le Cirque of Manassas"

DYINNNNNNNNNNNG over here. That was awesome!

-- Blogger formerly known as RC

Taylor said...

that doesn't bother me at my job as much since everyone's pretty quiet (and i have an office with a door), but what nauseates me is having to listen to dumbass people at the airport while waiting for my flight to start loading. they say the stupidest things and seem to be the most gullible people in the world. anyway, this deserves its own entry in R&RoDT

Dale said...

Polt: I have fallen asleep with MANY things in my mouth, bite size snickers, thin mints, and cake being the most populous

Sparkles: Glad you enjoy darlin!

Taylor: Oh I go iPOD style at the airports.... I'm sorry, what? conversation? no I believe I'm already embroiled in Ms. Clarkson's story of how she's an independent woman thank you very much.

Pook said...

Tell her you can't listen to her, you gave up Annoying Co-Workers for Lent. Then follow up by saying, "No, I'm not Catholic."

RetroDragon said...

I don't seem to be able to access Friendster at work anymore, and I'm partially waiting for someone from IT to come and have a talk with me about what obsession means and how groups exist to help me through my problem. If so, I fully plan on screaming, "I ain't got no f<@&ing problem!", and then storming from the room.

Asian Mistress said...

I had the computer guys at my old job give me administrative rights so I could "download things I needed to work".....i.e. instant messenger.

As for your coworker conundrum, did you see DC Pussycat Doll yesterday? Her post was sort of the same issue.

Dale said...

Pook: Ha ha ha, don't even get me started on that fool and religion!!

Retro: Yeah friendster takes up a good portion of my day... and I love it.

AM: Oh I totally had the people in my office also give me "rights" so I could download IM too. it's sweet.

Carrie Broadshoulders said...

Oh thank god you bring this up. I know exactly what you mean. I'm in charge of one manager in my office, who I genuinely like, but she talks to me way too much. As soon as I get into the office, here she comes strolling into mine to chit chat. I just can't take it every day! But I'm too nice to say anything so I just French smile at her and blank out for the 10 minutes she rattles on and on.

And it seems everyone in here does this! I wish I could shut my door but people just knock and walk in.

I catch myself sometimes rattling on about my weekend and think to myself, people probably don't want to hear this so I cut it short. Unless of course it's some juicy story or something dirty. Everyone likes those stories.