Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I think were alone now...... there doesn't seem to be anyone around

I've never lived alone before and the prospect has me giddier than Marion Barry in Bogota. I realized this last night as I was sitting on the floor amid piles of clothes I've rescued from Czechoslovakia and brought to Jumanji eating leftover Kung Pao and watching a Harry Potter movie....... and don't sit there judging me like your ghetto A$$es never did that before.... oh and a bottle of yellowtail... I heart yellowtail.

In elementary school I was horrible at sharing, if something was mine and you took it you were gonna get it.... one time a kid that lived on my street "borrowed" one of my toys.... what did I do? oh that's right, got the neighborhood kids to start a "we don't like (person) club" and then I got some of the bigger kids to hang him by his shirt from a tree in someone's yard. I totally got time out for that one. Funny thing is we ended up being friends in HS cuz we were both captains of the swim team.

College I wasn't BAD at sharing necessarily, the head of my straight bf harem and I shared a bedroom in London that was maybe 8 x 10. and if you take out the area for the bunk bed there was barely room to move but I had no problems with it, mostly because he was the coolest guy ever, he'd be my escort to the gay club but only under the proviso that he get to wear acid washed tapered jeans with high top keds and a ripped tshirt that said "I'm with stupid" just to embarass me... I LOVED IT..... picture it, 6' +, rugby team, pre-med.... not a bad sell!!!

After college my first living situation with the two harpies of death, with whom the only thing I shared was death stares... and apparently 57 missed calls the night that I deadbolted the door and couldn't hear them trying to get in at 3:30 in the morning.... they LOVED me after that one....

The two guys I most currently lived with are, for use of a better term, dirty. They are the stereotypical straight guy, leave dishes in the sink for 4 days at a stretch, leave things in the fridge till they are undiscernible as food type guys. Not bad guys, but I realized as I stared at my new and remodeled kitchen that I immaculately scrubbed and put everything away the way I feel that it should be, otherwise known as the right way.

..... If I sound like a selfish b*tch I apologize, but the prospect of having everything just the way I like it without having to compromise is UHMAZING!!!


Carrie Broadshoulders said...

No need to try to convince me:

I am totes jealous.

Dale said...


Totes just read it, you hit it right square on the nose!!

RetroDragon said...

Did I ever tell you I saw Tiffany in concert? When New Kids were her opening act? My sister loved her some Tiffany (and, clearly, secretly, so did I), so my parents took us to the Garden State Arts Center. It was fab, yo. (And, yes, I know it's a remake, but Tiffany rocked it hardest.)

Complacent Chase said...

I'm the same way, Dale....and I'm a twin! ha ha
I really like having my own stuff and having things my way. I will compromise (sometimes) but it depends on who I am with and the situation.
That's just how I roll. hee hee