Friday, April 28, 2006

Friday..... make it all just stoooooop

Sh*ttiest week ever in life.... Don't want to get into it as I've already chewed on this problem till all the flavor has gone out of it. Suffice it to say there will be a professional shift within the next couple of months, hopefully I'll be able to change jobs before I kill someone... or at least move to a country that won't extradite me back to the U.S... (ps I hear Tel Aviv is very nice this time of year).

Anyways on this glorious Friday of Fridays I would like to do a little Fiver on things that make me happy in the area where my heart should be but apparently is an empty hole that is filled periodically by martini's and Jumbo Slice.

1). The color that I chose for my Jumanji (new place) is called Aegean blue and I painted my first wall yesterday.... and then got bored and took a nap. Bright blue makes me happy.

2). In the battle of Dale v. DC I totally pulled a Tony Danza on the DMV yesterday. Who was in and out faster than Ryan Seacrest on yes people that's right. Dale. Who also chatted up the strong black woman behind the counter whose nails were so long she could only use one finger to do all the typing ( I honestly think she had the entire last supper painting on her thumb)? right again.

3). Apparently on the floor that my apartment is on there are at least 3 hot guys that I will now have secret crushes on till they profess their undying love for me and try to ply me with gifts of flowers and booze.

4). Having friends that live within walking distance of my new place, momma needed to vent last night and vented I did to one of my great friends while she did laundry. There is definitely something to be said for A) the therapeutic properties of laundry and B) having someone sit there and listen to you while you need to unload. PS embarassing fact about Dale number 123777676: The fresh laundry smell on a gentleman caller is my favorite smell ever and totally melts my butter.

5). The conversation I had with the gentleman at the liquor store that is maybe 2 blocks from my apt.

Man at Liquor Store (MLS): Why don't you take one of our cards, we can deliver to your house!

Dale: Ummm well I only live two blocks away so honestly if I need delivery for liquor I'm gonna go ahead and say there are bigger problems at hand.

MLS: Aren't you ever relaxing on the couch and say "I'd really like a gin and tonic, but I don't feel like getting up or changing from your sweats?"

Dale: Yes, actually I do. hmmmm let me hold onto that card actually.

*The card is now on a magnet on my fridge*


Scott said...

Babe, if those boys are literally on the floor of your apartment, that's kidnapping not a crush.

Dale said...

ha ha ha ha, one mans kidnapping is another mans social life... I changed it smartass.

Polt said...

one Aegean Blue wall, walking distance to friends, a local liquor store that DELIVERS, AND 3 hot guys on the same floor as you?

What a little slice of heaven you've got there, Dale!

RetroDragon said...

OMG, I heart your liquore store man! A friend of mine was once being stalked by unruly youths and fled into our liquor store, because she knew the liquor store guys would totally protect her. After all, they wouldn't want something to happen to one of their best customers.

Scott said...

sorry about that, just had to give ya a little grief!

JP said...

I love the bright side of hooch that comes to you when you cal it! FAB FAB FAB! now if you can just marry fab aspect #5 with fab aspect #2 and Fab aspect #1, you would have the strong blacktress serve you booze on your couch in sweats, whilest surrounded by the Aegean sea...well you might just never leave...and why should you?

Dale said...

Polt: I'd like to think so.... even though it's probably more of a half-a$$ed attempt for people to visit me instead of me actually getting off my duff to go see people.

Retro: oh the liquor store people are my new besties, along with the sassy and strong black women cashiers at Sandanista Safeway by my new pad... I've made all types of friends!

Scott: ha ha ha, darlin I don't take anything seriously, absolutely no worries... you're still a smartass though ha ha ha ha ha

JP: oh I know, the closest I've ever come to convenience booze was a brew-thru in NC on my way to Ocracoke (ps when did I turn into white trash?) The clincher would be if I could be served by the blacktress on my floor whilst drinking with the hot guys who obviously would be enamored with moi amidst the aegean sea... THEN I'd never leave.