Monday, May 01, 2006

See what had happened was......

Still reeling from a week that would make Satan want to slit his wrists and being basically bent over and dominated by the corporate machine that is bureaucratic bs I was looking forward to re-centering and going all zen this weekend. Hey remember the time when that happened? yeah me either.

So Friday night after a lovely dinner at the best Chinese place in DC (City lights duh). I had thoughts of moseying on to a little bit of a drinky poo at JR's. Fast forward three hours later and I'm standing in front of the McDonalds on 18th St. with a tie in my hand that's not mine and a very confused look on my face. Not only am I klassy with a k but I was effing hungry.... supersize quarter pounder meal? yes sir.

Saturday I got up and made a very innocent "what are you guys doing for brunch?" call to two of my friends whom also live less than a five minute walk away. Turns out that one of their bf's was having friends in town for a weekend of meathead debauchery, I love meatheads so obviously I joined them forthwith and call in sick to SRL. Fast forward two hours later and I'm at Camelot having deep and meaningful conversations with all the strippers and becoming the new favorite of the waitress who was wearing very unfortunate lingerie and was old enough to be my mother.

The rest of the evening (6-8:30) was spent drinking with friends on my rooftop deck when I announced that I was tired and would be retiring and passed out in my bed (still the only furniture in my apt. cuz I'm lazy). I woke up from my 'hibernation' twice, once to respond to this lady that I couldn't meet him out for drinks, and once to amble on over to amsterdam falafel for some chickpea goodness....mmmm.

Sunday I actually did make it into SRL and did what I always do, try on clothes and stand around, pretending to actually be a productive person. Saw a black Am-Ex, pretended to not be impressed. Saw more ice than antarctica, pretended not to be impressed.
Went home, had dinner with this lady at Amsterdam falafel (ps I'm totally putting somebody's kid through college at that place) and called it an early night...... ahh weekends.


RetroDragon said...

Hee hee. The scary part was how sober you sounded. Well done!

Cornelius said...

Thank God you were there when I ran into Jailbird Lobbyist. Wanna kidnap the pup with me this weekend??? I think I left my liver on your roofdeck.

Dale said...

Retro: Oh I totally master my "moments of sobriety" that can last no longer than five minutes when wasted, it's totally a zen thing.

Cornelius: that dog was too cute. PS I think your ex is afraid of me...which is how I like it.