Friday, May 19, 2006

Friday.... phew!

1). I found myself last night watching the final episode of Will and Grace at JR's with a vodka tonic in my hand. At one point I stopped myself and I thought, "I couldn't be any gayer if I had disco balls hanging from my nipples and glitter coming out of my butt." At which point a commercial break saw the playing of A-Ha's "Take on me" and when we were singing along I realized, no, wait, I've officially out-gayed myself. P.S. having this lady get waaaasted is so funny as to anything I would say to her she would reply, "the bills don't pay themselves, they sure don't."


Me: Hey lady where's everybody else?

Klassy Lady : The bills don't pay themselves, they sure don't.

So wise.... so wise..

2). Remember the time I along with Senor Chip helped a drunken guy home from a party on saturday? Remember the time that we then subsequently saw him in a more sober state on wednesday night post kickball and he totally didn't remember us helping him home? Remember the time that he did a repeat of Saturday night and ended up passed out in an alley in AdMo post kickball drinking? Yeah.... I do.

3). I have an entirely new workout regimen that's totally the new hotness. It's called the walk down 18th St. from Jumanji which obviously sits on high, to the gayborhood to the bars, and then back. PS I love turning up a hot jam and doing runway past Lauriol, specially when it's busy, unless I happen to trip on the sidewalk and almost bite it. twice. in a row.

4). The entire mop of hair I had atop my head is now a thing of the past. I traded that look in for the euro faux-hawk because I'm obviously A) Euro and B) Punk. PS having a hair prep time of 3 minutes instead of 15-20 is an amazing thing.

5). Many fabulous people were born on this day, May 19. They include Ho Chi Minh, Grace Jones, and Malcolm X. (also someone else has a birthday today, if you think you know and you see him out buy him a drink, or two. And buy me one too.... kthx)


Chris said...

I only vaguely remember you getting to JR's. I don't at all remember watching Will & Grace. Or chowing down on several taquitos from 7-11.

aklsdjhfa said...

Today is a national holiday in communist Vietnam! Woohoo!

It is also Pete Townshend's birthday, and some hot guy at my office...

Taylor said...

i totally feel you on the hair prep time. no more having to blow my stuff out and then fix it *just so* just to have the wind mess it up 5 mins later.

juniors WAS looking all tired last night except for us. chris did provide some entertainment and reminded us why he, in fact, is the originator of the splety. ooh and i found a $20 on the floor!

Dale said...

Chris: ooh lady, you brought yourself together at the end and did your little kick ball change before leaving, it was hot.

Chip: It's also national NASCAR day, which, in my opinion after going to a monster truck rally should be a national holiday.

Taylor: for realz, juniors was all types of sad sally last night!!