Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Remember the time.....

Remember the time that I was in the elevator after a long day at work where I had to deal with Satan and all of his minions as well as covering up the fact that I'm actively looking for a new job and I felt something in my nose so thinking that I am going to be alone I pick it and at that moment a REALLLLY HOT guy who's coming in from a baseball game (mit) puts his arm in the door and totally snipes me picking my nose?? yeah awesome.

Remember the time that on Saturday night after aiding the transportation of a drunken individual from a party to his house, I was at I was about 6 blocks from my condo and proceeded to walk in a completely not right direction because I was highly buzzed and it was dark, ending up on the opposite side of 16th st. and having to go to a 7-11 and call a cab to bring me home??? super sweet.

Remember the time that I was working at super snobby retail location and someone had brought in hershey kisses that were all over the staff office, and one was on the only chair and I sat on it and it was melty, and I didn't realize that until after the store closed and one of my co-workers pointed it out to me??? greeeeeaaaaat.

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Oh, that girl. said...

Someone had a super fun time! Good thing bad luck comes in threes......or is that bad boys?