Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Three Day Weekends, I could get used to this

I heart three day weekends, I feel that personally I should be allowed to have every week be a three day weekend due to my delicate nature and..... well shouldn't that be enough?

Friday night saw the demise of my week thankfully, and one of my friends whom wanted to take me out for a celebration of sorts, for those of you who are not fully aware this week sees the anniversary of my gracing the planet with my precense and as such celebratory events have commenced. After having lovely Tanq and T's at another gentleman's apt. we all headed to JR's and then Halo where I not only maintained my composure but my balance.... snaps to me!! Fast forward three hours and I'm walking home through Walter Pierce park and a drunken sassy black woman was sitting on a bench and as I clip clop past in my fabulous italian mules she says... "Honey with a walk like that you belong on the runway," Girl don't I know it....

Saturday saw the demise of Snotty retail location job. I have abused my ridiculous discount to the maximum and I now am the proud owner of enough preppy wear to take me well into next year. Post last day I was walking home and stopped by at the local wine store when I realized that ALL the traffic on Connecticut Ave. from Woodley Park to Dupont had been diverted, turns out there was a jumper. Not sure if he actually did jump or not, but yikes-o-rama. I then proceeded to L'auriol for a glass of sangria and meeting up with friends.

I proceeded to go to a party hosted by all these fine ladies, drinks were had, drunkeness ensued. I had an enjoyable time without being too klassy and I would like to say that I showed excellent judgement skills on a variety of fronts, especially when I personally was confronted with a choice that I probably would have not been too happy about come morning. However this decision may have been reached after a klassy public making-out display.... I didn't say I was super klassy.

Sunday, after a recovery period I was taken out to a marvelous italian dinner by my closest friends in DC, I have to say that friends are the family you choose and I'm wicked lucky to have such a great group of people. After gorging we headed over to Dan's cafe where I may or may not have spent the better part of the evening playing the erotic photo game where you are presented with two of the same pictures but they have been edited with small differences that you have to point out in an allotted time. I'm a klassy lady.

Monday..... I celebrated memorial day in the klassiest way imaginable.... Kings Dominion. I roller coastered, I screamed, I may or may not have shared a hug on a roller coaster with the bf of one of my closest friends as I was getting thrown about like a rag doll by one of the coasters. PS if you ever feel bad about the way you look or dress or act, go to an amusement park, you will feel better about yourself in 2.2 seconds. I may or may not have ended the evening at a hooters in fredericksburg. PS I have heartburn now.... ew.

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