Thursday, April 06, 2006

Here there I'm EVERYWHERE

1). I was reminded by several different people last night that I, Dale, am not a strong black woman, ps I totally heart Jimbo for his link to the article... tots classic. This was due to the fact that a Strong, Black Woman has joined our kickball team and is every bit as sassy as I could hope for!!! Thank you Santa for bringing me my present of a strong black woman early!!! However I'm still strong and ethnic a la JLC style, so get out of my way before I go hong kong fuey on your a$$.

2). Amsterdam falafel after cheap beer and a shot of SoCo and Lime is always a good idea, especially when you smother the falafel in hummus and chickpeas and fresh tomatoes and tahini and.......*insert noise of salivation and drool a la Pavlov's dog* plus the addition of golden delicious fries and dutch mayonaise...superb.

3). Yet another reason why the Vag is poop

4). I was talking to one of my friends the other day about furniture shopping and wall colors and such for my new digs which I still need a name for... I refuse to live in a location without a fitting nickname, and all of a sudden I had a panic attack that I was turning into "that gay guy" the one that lives for antiqueing on the weekends and saying things like "I love this chintz in the burgundy, it really goes with my new and fabulous window treatments" I hope I'm never that guy, cuz that guy sucks. I then ate a fun size snickers and all was again right with the world.


Taylor said...

since you'll be near the zoo, you should call it something like the "wild kingdom" or the "cat's lair" or the "bat cave." i'll keep brainstorming.

i miss my house, aka the money pit.

i love that list from the stranger ... i'd seen it before but it never gets old. i have broken some of those tenants, though. i won't say which.

Cornelius said...

I call my apartment "The Cockpit", and if I do remember correctly, Lady had more than one shot last evening. Kim and you should have a "Sass-Off".

Dale said...

Taylor.... as the scandals at my new place become documented, I'm sure a suitable name will arise.

Cornelius, oh that's right I had two.... ooopsy, silly me!! Kim is afraid of my sass-factor. no contest.

Carrie Broadshoulders said...

Okay, while I will never defend the VAG on it's treatment of gays and lesbians, I would like to point out that Maryland does not differ very much in comparison. Virginia allows single GLBT people to adopt and does not explicitly prohibit gay couples from adopting. MD is the same. VA allows post-op transsexuals to amend their birth certificates, so does MD. VA's record on custody issues is less glamorous than MD, but it has also had more high profiles cases than MD on the issue. MD has hate crime legislation, VA does not, but frankly I'm not sure I agree with the necessity for hate crime legislation (I know I'll get flack for that, but I just don't). Needless to say if you shoot and kill a gay person, you'll go to jail in both states.

As for marriage, neither state allows it and both have put forth amendments to their Constitutions to ban it. VA's will go to the vote of the people in November. MD's legislature has yet to vote on their's.

So as you can see, there is little difference. VA is perceived to be a bit more proactive in being UNfriendly to gays, but Maryland isn't exactly proactive in being gay friendly.

RetroDragon said...

If you were at Amsterdam Falafel around 12:30 am or so Wednesday morning, and you saw a fairly inebriated guy trying, and failing miserably, to put mayonnaise on his falafel, it wasn't me. You may thought, "Hey, that looks like Retro," but, I swear, it wasn't me. It was my twin He's a drunk. Me? I was in bed like a good boy.

Dale said...

Carrie: Hate Crime legislation is key. But I agree unfortunately both states have a long way to go.

Retro: Nope didn't see anyone that fit that description. Although I was using every functioning neuron to concentrate on putting the falafel in my mouth as opposed to the side of my face, not an easy thing after all that booze

Carrie Broadshoulders said...

Hate Crime legislation to me only serve to change attitudes in accepting how we view different people. That's not a bad thing. However, I do not think the government has any responsibility to change those viewpoints. Hurting, killing or in any other way treating someone in an illegal manner should be handled the same regardless of motivation. I don't think the government is fit to legislate our thoughts and opinions, only our actions. It's the act that is the crime, not the emotion behind the act. If people aren't disgusted that someone was beaten b/c they are gay or a different race, they aren't going to care if the person committing the act gets treated any more harshly b/c of the motivation behind the act. Even if they do, that isn't the purpose of our legal system in my opinion.

But the fact VA hasn't gotten on board with hate crime legislation has nothing to do with all that, so you're right, in their unwillingness to condemn hate crimes, they show they are a bunch of assholes. :)