Friday, September 23, 2005

Frizzzziday Five!!!!

It's that time of the week.... Five Random thoughts that have bubbled to the surface throughout the week...

1). Being a lifeguard is hands down the best job I've ever had and I wish I were doing that right now instead of being a research peon. There are no overhead costs, the swimsuits are provided, all you have to buy is sunscreen and make sure your nalgene is filled with delicious ice water and you're golden!! Plus you get paid to have a tan, talk with your friends (depending who's on duty with you) go swimming, and work out.... you really can't beat it. Plus everybody knows that lifeguards are always the coolest!!! Oh and you get to look at hot guys.

2). Kickball is the funnest... that's right I said funnest. Plus this weeks game was the most ridiculous I've participated in yet.. After beating the CRIZAP out of the other team (who had to forfeit because they didn't have enough girls) PS the girls on our team ROCK out with their C*CKS out and we dominated them like whoah. Then we proceeded to the bar where the team that we had just beat informed us that they wanted to "beat us in something" and challenged us to best of 5 games of flipcup... we beat them the first three and proceeded to taunt them...taunt them BAD.

3). Standardized testing is a horrible sadistic, non-reflective image of one's mental capacity. GRE's I hate you with the fiery passion of a thousand suns. PS I plan on making the GRE's my B*tch in the near future... watch out GRE's and get the lube ready cuz you're getting screwed.

4). Having a fabric marker around a bunch of drunken kickballers writing on each others t-shirts is priceles.... I wrote in arabic on a guy from israels shirt and some sort of reference to fisting on some other guys shirt and then had written on the back of my shirt some sort of hebrew slogan (from the israeli) and a comment that said "insert here" with an arrow pointing to my butt. AND THEN, after the straight bar, on the way home, going to JR's cuz Chip wanted to stop in for an as to yet determined reason and not knowing why people were staring at my back........ priceless.

5). I really hope the people coming to the mall for the concert and rally this weekend don't park in my neighborhood, I'll save my ranting on tourists for another time but suffice it to say that growing up in this city I have a certain "appreciation" for tourists in the Nations Capitol. Two words.... Fanny Packs.... nuf said.

.......have a great weekend!!!!!!


Keith said...

are there any attempts at getting gay happy hour organized? how about monday? anyone interested?

Dale said...

I believe that I'm free so I'm down.... I'll leave the actual organization up to others but I'm good at showing up to stuff

Anonymous said...

Have a great weekend Chip & Dale.

Kathryn Is So Over said...

woo woo, I heart Friday Five.

You enjoy yourselves.