Monday, September 19, 2005

Weekend Roundup.... or the path of excess leads to the porcelain temple.

Well the weekend started off to a fantastic start. Chip came out to the sticks where we proceeded to dominate 50 chicken wings, 2 orders of fries and copious amounts of alcohol in my case... I danced with a 40 and a 1.75 litre bottle of yellowtail chardonnay and I won... I won big! Even though at one point in the evening I fell off the couch with my dog much to the amusement of Chip. We rented "Beauty Shop" and "The Sweetest Thing" and I enjoy Ms. Latifah in pretty much every movie that she's been in and Beauty Shop is no different, favorite quote from the movie....

Gina: This is how much money we need
Vanessa: How much? 30 G? 40 G?
(Gina hands Vanessa the paper)
Vanessa: OH Sh*t, I'm sorry lord, but we gonna need jesus!

Saturday I TRIED to be productive and go to the gym, that didn't work, went to the store and ran errands for the rents who I was picking up at the airport later, made sure the dog was taken care of and off to National I went. Picked up the rent's and high tailed it back to my digs so I could glam up in preparation for the gayest event in life, the Results fashion show. Went over to Dudley's and proceeded to pregame (unfortunately for me a bit too successfully) and then went to the fashion show. About what I expected, straight models, drunken gay men drooling over straight models, and an open bar (YIKES) I don't really recall how many cocktails I had out of the glowing martini glasses but at some point before we were supposed to go to the opening night of the new Halo location, I realized that I couldn't stand straight up for an extended period of time and that it may be a better idea for me to go home.... so with that I bid adieu to Dudley and cabbed to Cap. Hill, where I proceeded to pray at the porcelain temple for the remainder of the evening.

Sunday was spent recovering, going to the Teets with Chip while wearing a sweatsuit and getting weird stares (it WAS in the 80's) doing a little housework, going and meeting a v. nice gentleman for coffee and then out to Lauriol Plaza for din's with Chip and T and L and other fun people. Chip got dominated by a half pitcher of margaritas and I got dominated by the amount of food I ordered as I hadn't really had anything to eat in 48 hours.

Looking forward to a GRE filled week, maybe I can schedule a date or 3 in there somewhere.... :)


aklsdjhfa said...

Since when does "coffee" mean gin and tonics at Fox & Hound's?

Sunday night culminated in two bad ideas:
1/2 pitcher of swirl margaritas at Lauriol (you should've seen the look on the waiter's face when I told him I didn't need any glasses, just a straw) and then staying up to watch the Phillies get blown out by the Fish.

Fortunately, it was overshadowed by some QT with the roomie who spent the weekend in Miami.

Dale said...

FIRST of all.... I had a coffee on the way from the metro station because I was hungover so coffee WAS involved thankyouverymuch.

and I think the look on the waiters face wasn't as priceless as the look on everyones face around us when we were discussing back door loving in a very loud manner.

Kathryn Is So Over said...

No harm in wearing sweats on a warm Sunday. I was rocking Juicy Couture velour (pants, tunic, AND jacket) on the train home from NYC last night. Your comfort is what counts!

BTW, have you tried Red Bicyclette chardonnay? GOOD stuff. Also cheap.

Complacent Chase said...

I haven't worshiped at the porcelain temple for many, many years. Thank gawd!
Hope you are fully recovered. :-)

indecentoffense said...

kathryn....that wine is good!!!! And Chase....sorry darlin, but I hope you didnt just jinx yourself...that usually happens to me when i say stuff like that.

Complacent Chase said...

Oh my gosh! With my luck I probably did jinx myself! Damn it!