Saturday, September 24, 2005

Weekend Roundup.... things that I heart!

So friday afternoon had rolled around and I was raring for the weekend so I decided to let up some pent up rage on the woman at the Louis Vuitton counter at Neiman Marcus. Yes yes, I know, it is "wrong" to take out stress related rage on someone who works in retail because retail is hell on earth but there was no one else around and I needed some therapy. However as soon as the woman picked up the phone and said "Hello this is the Louis Vuitton counter" in that london british accent she was utilizing I melted like a popcicle in july....we had a nice little chat about my orders that I had waiting and I went on my way..

Bistrot du Coin, delicious, overpriced, but still worth it given the company and drinks at Halo was a good way to start off the weekend.

Saturday for some odd and yet to be determined reason, I felt the need to be more productive than a hummingbird on cocaine, I got up at 8, studied till noon... DOMINATED the practice GRE and then decided to go to the gym and prepare for a BBQ for some friends...

Remember the time that I couldn't do anything that is attributed to straight men? like program a vcr, change oil or do anything mechanical, OR light a grill? Yeah I ended up having to cook the hamburgers on the stove and broil the shish kebabs in the broiler..... ah well

Thievery Corporation was awesome on the mall.... the only part that wasn't awesome was walking an ASS long ways to find a bathroom, I do NOT do the outdoors peeing....although I know someone that defaced the side of one smithsonians fine museums with his pee... *cough* chip *cough*.

Lazy Sundays are a secret love of mine, laundry, grocery, and sitting and watching sweet home alabama and getting just a bit misty when Reese Witherspoon walks into tiffanys and all the diamonds light up! Plus how classy is it when her bf asks her to marry him and the employees don't clap!!! pure class!! P.S. the first time I saw this movie in the theatre I gasped when that happened and my BF at the time had to chastise me, also saw him at Halo on saturday, thankfully Chip stopped me from saying hello, that could have been bad since I had him banned from Cobalt and Sadlands in 2002..... Hell hath no fury....

Ending your Sunday night with a conversation with your mother that goes

Me: Hi Mom I saw "the ex" last night
Mom: How did he look?
Me: He looks a little heavy
Mom: well isn't that nice, that must make you feel good

best way to end the weekend!!!!! (that is until certain unnamed parties decided to be a jerk and hung up the phone on me.... but I'm not mad about that....not at all... OH and getting random IM's from two ex's and a sketchy gentleman that's been trying to have sex with me for 5 years... I mean I've got to give him points for persistence)

Back to the hell that is corporate america..... yikes-o-rama...

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Miss Penny Lane said...

Ah, you crack me up. Gotta love a supportive mom like that. I was with my mom yesterday and her cattiness came roaring out, which is rare. It was a blast!