Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down: "Live in Love" Edition

While the passing of Labor Day has many mourning the end of summer and putting away their best whites, Fall leaves much to look forward to, and Dale and I celebrated the weekend with a bang!

1. Thumbs up (and down) to the Phillies for spanking the Nats on Friday night while Dale, some friends and myself attended, but thumbs down to the Phils for dropping the next two games (and last night's series opener against the Astros).

2. Thumbs down to me for dropping, and breaking, my digital camera. Luckily I have all of my pictures saved on my computer. Oh wait...

3. Thumbs down to my computer for DYING this weekend!!! WTF! I've had it for 14 months, and I barely use it! I only lost a few thousand songs, a few hundred pictures and some word docs. I will be the first to admit that this situation could have been MUCH worse (after all, my replacement will have Mac OS X Tiger ), but still. I am going to firebomb the Apple HQ...

4. Thumbs up to Rehoboth! Great weather on Saturday (save the icey water) provided for a lovely day of relaxation, sun and sand!

5. Thumbs down to the group of 'Mos (and their accompanying hags) seated next to us pumping out the equivalent of a typical night at Cobalt from their iPod for all to hear. "It's 11:00 AM, I dragged my ass out of bed at 6 to get here, and I really don't feel like dealing with the latest Kylie Minogue remix!" (Btw, one of these guys was named "Boomer" and from Baltimore, need I say more?)

6. Thumbs down to white, glittering speedos. Why don't you get a stamp on your ass that reads "Dive In"? (and is glittering sun screen really necessary?)

7. Thumbs up to R. for an awesome bbq / party on Sunday. As usual, drinks and food were plentiful!

8. Thumbs up to Dale for giving R. a lap dance at said party and breaking the chair R. was sitting on in the process!

9. Thumbs down to me for being a complete bitch after dealing with the Great Computer Fiasco of 2005. Hopefully this will be resolved swiftly or I will learn to lay off my bitch pills in the morning.

10. Thumbs up to Encore! for their "Big 80's Weekend." A night cap of Working Girl was exactly what I needed!

11. Thumbs down to Google's Picasa for being only compatible with PC's. Granted, I have neither a camera nor a computer at the moment, but still Flickr has already proven to be worthless, so I was hoping to find an alternative.

Hopefully I can chill the f out this week, get some very important tasks accomplished (hmmm... I wonder what this means...) and be in better spirits by the weekend.


Dale said...

I totally forgot about that lap dance..... and me breaking the chair is a testament to the unholy gyrations that I do while engaging in such a dance...

And thumbs up to cheesy movies on the last night of the weekend... why do I tear up at "father of the bride" I'll never know.

And if chip lays off his bitch pills I'll try to lay off my "putting random stuff in the laundry thereby ruining it pills"... phone...metro card...headphones... what's next?? my ipod? GASP!

Brian said...

I know who you are now... mwah ah ah ah ah ah ah.

(Well, I know who Chip is now. He told me).


Dale said...
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Dale said...

Chicago Brian, good stalking work, which method did you use? friendster?? (totally not trying to sound bitchy btw) sad we never met before you moved. hope you enjoy the blog

Anonymous said...

"Thumbs down to white, glittering speedos. Why don't you get a stamp on your ass that reads "Dive In"? (and is glittering sun screen really necessary?)"

That has to be one of the funniest things I have ever read! ha ha

Carter said...

You know, if you had been more open to spending $3.50/month to manage your photos via Flickr, you wouldn't be in the position of possibly having lost them all now due to your computer dying. Just a thought.

aklsdjhfa said...

The death of my computer had nothing to do with Flickr. And yes, I lost them all, there is no "possibly."

Upon the return of my computer, I will be investing in ".Mac" which will allow me to back everything up, in addition to have my own web site, where I will post my photos.