Tuesday, November 08, 2005

a conundrum wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a riddle

So recently I've come across a couple questions flitting around my head that have yet to be answered.... hmmmmm let's chew on that for a moment.

1). How I woke up on sunday morning with more money than I went out with saturday night and no trips to the ATM were made and I took a cab home?

2). What the statement, "you're intimidating" really means.... I mean come ON! (3 times this past weekend I was told this statement)

3). If I was invited to a party where I know an ex that I'm not exactly on the best terms with is going to be, should I forgo any type of social awkwardness and stay away or do I say Eff it and just show up and see the people I do like?

4). Where have all the cowboys gone?

5). What's the point of decaf coffee?

......... we may never know the answers to these questions..............


Anonymous said...

Answer to #1 would probably be that you're a hustler but then I'm sure you already knew that.

Dale said...

Darlin if I were a hustler I'd be getting a LOT more action than is currently the case.

aklsdjhfa said...

3) he has friends worth a damn? It's very possible, I just don't know.

4) Brokeback Mountain?

5) If you've developed an uncomfortable habit/addiction/routine, but do not want the caffeine, you drink decaf coffee. Some people enjoy such a beverage after a meal, but do not want to feel the effects of the caffeine.

Rhinestone Cowgirl said...

I also do not get the point of decaf. Least sensical beverage ever - fat free decaf mocha with no whip. What the hell is the point?

DC Cookie said...

I have successfully avoided my ex for 10 months now, by not going to 2 bars. That's all it takes. So much easier. But then, I'm a conflict avoider.

Dop said...

Don't forget "Why do fools fall in love?"

Dale said...

oh DOP, we know why fools fall in love.....vodka and low lighting! Now for the rest of us I have no idea.

Cookie, yeah I may play the cloak and dagger game... besides I'd rate the party on a scale from one to I wanna go as like a 5

RC: totally.

3. He knows a lot of people some of whom are nice.

4. what the jigga?

5.true but it just seems odd and unnatural, much like dogs in people clothes

Oh, that girl. said...


#1, your a playa!
#2, YOu have confidence and most people are not used ot that. I get the same thing, but usually its "your a bitch", which, really, means the same thing,
#3, Eff the Ex. It shouldn't ruin yoru night or your social calendar. Besides, if we always followed that rule, we would never go out in public.
#4, I don't know, but I want them naked, with the hat on and in my bedroom, like now.
#5, Its the yummy taste without the stupid cheerleader fidgety caffine high that is associated.

DCSportsChick said...

What IS the point of decaf? Because, after all, it does have caffeine in it...

G.. said...

1.You are the cab driver!