Friday, November 04, 2005

Friday Five... thank jeebus this week is OVER!!!

Last night was another Green Lantern fun fest with Team Lady and The Boy, I will let Chip chronicle the events as it's always better from a virgin's perspective, but I am officially and completely de-funktafied!! and five reasons for that are:

1). Having a conversation with The Boy completely in french while sufficiently buzzed, my french always gets more fluid when I drink, but I haven't had the opportunity to talk to anyone in french for the LONGEST time on anything other than research and samples and blood counts etc.

2). After getting the "save me" signal from The Boy I introduced myself to the anaesthesiologist that he was talking to who was in town for his ten year med school reunion, so I guess he was in his late 30's/early 40's. I OBVIOUSLY introduced myself as a fellow physician who had just graduated med school and practiced pediatrics in Maryland. The funniest part was he totally bought it and we had an in depth conversation about our mutual hatred of HMO's and how he wanted to do pediatrics but decided otherwise, Dale = 1 Doctor man=0

3). Jalapeno Poppers at Annies, they make me happy in my special place.

4). After Annies and while I was hailing a cab, Chip and I ran into a guy that I call Muscles McGee, and if you saw this guy you'd know why. I don't know how I know him, but everytime I see him out he comes over and says how great it is to see me and hugs me, also, the first time I recollect seeing him he was in the underwear contest at Cobalt and it was Chips birthday. Same M.O. that night too, came up to me sans clothes and said how great it was to see me and how we need to go out sometime.... yeah I found out for the first time his name is Matt. Anyways totally got his number. We shall see what develops.

5). Waking up this morning, realizing I had left my computer on all night, so I go to turn it off but before I do I decide to check my emails and for some reason I wanted to check out friendster. Yup definitely got a message from one of my friends for whom I've never had any kind of sexual inclination toward.... yeah he sent me a naked picture of himself.... *insert awkward robot dance here* ........ apparently somebody put those pictures up without his knoweledge and changed his password so he can't take them down..... I want to feel bad but *giggle giggle*


A Unique Alias said...

Hahah! I can completely visualize 5:

"Wow. You're naked."
" . . . must be going."

DC Cookie said...

I want to be your friendster. Is your ID "Dale, Hot Asian?"