Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Flaming Hot!

So last night I had an actual grown up date with Beck aka Contestant number 1. This included dinner at Clydes in China town and a movie a la Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Burger, delicious, dirty dry bombay martini with 3 olives? also deeelish. So far he hasn't offered to pay and everything has been dutch style. I'm not used to this type of treatment and mommy no likey. In the words of Blanche Deveraux, "I don't want to be treated as your equal, I want to be treated a lot better than you!"

Saw HPATGOF, and while it didn't hold true to the book the way that I would have liked, there were definitely some Hot points of the movie.

Daniel Radcliffe: I'm sorry but can someone start a counter a la Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen fame about when that one turns 18? I know that makes me a total perv but the childs got it going on. I'm sorry but almost naked bath scene? thank you mr. director!

The Phelps Twins: Great hair, and I love the slender look... 1986, only a 4 year difference from me, that's totally acceptable.

Robert Pattinson: As Cedric Diggory, sweet jesus christ on a cracker he's a lovely little piece of wizard. I do however wish he would have taken his shirt off during the lake scene though. The floppy mop hair look is so cute on this one. Also only 4 years....totally legal.

Stanislav Ianevski: Oh.....My.... sweet goodness. First of all the pseudo military uniforms do something to me. Secondly it definitely looks like this one could throw me around like a rag doll.... and in a good way. Plus he was only born 3 years away from me so he's the most likely of the bunch. Plus I'm a sucker for an Eastern European accent.

The ladies also did a good job in this film, I enjoyed Frances de la Tour, always love Maggie Smith, Katie Leung (asian girl with an irish accent?? that is the hotness right there!!!) but the boys definitely stole it for me.

Plot...meh... Special effect....ok. I'd give it about a 7 on a scale from one to I loved the movie like a fat girl loves cake.

On the way to my house from L'enfant Plaza a homeless gentleman tried to stop me and ask me for money. I turned up my ipod and kept walking. He then ran after me and stopped in my way. When I took out my earphones he started yelling at me that I was being so rude and this convo ensued

Dale: Ok you have my attention what do you want?
Homeless Man:You know, you would have stopped if I was white.
Dale: I'm sorry, obviously you have a vision problem.... I"M NOT WHITE!
Homeless Man: Yeah.....well.... can I have 10 dollars?
Dale: First you call me racist, then you ask me for money? A) No, and B) even if I had a free 10 dollars, which I don't, I wouldn't give it to you.
*Insert my turning up of Kelly Clarksons Ms. Independent and Diva Walking away from that man like I was born to it."


Dudley said...

Oooooh lord! I can just see the scene now, Dale ALL ready to rip off her beyonce horse hair weave, set the manolos aside, pop the acryllic nails, and put on the vaseline for a bitch fiiiiiiiight!

Kathryn Is So Over said...

At one point during HPATGOF, I thought it might be nice to be in a Fred & George Weasley sandwich. What is wrong with me?

Dale said...

Dudley: I'm one mean motha effer if you mess with me!!!!

Kathryn: there is NOTHING wrong with that, mmmmmm twins.... how incestuous. the only thing that beats that are the cingular triplets....

Mr. Bartender said...

The Harry Potter clock has already been thought of and created!! :)

Check out this blog

(which also notes that in England the age of legal consent is 16 - anyway as of right now when I'm posting the time you have left for him to be legal in the good ole' USA is:

601 Days
14413 Hours
864759 Minutes
51885499 Seconds

Dale said...

god bless the internet. Although my poison of Choice is still Mr. Ianevski.. any guy that looks like he can throw me over his shoulder is A. OK with me.

Washington Cube said...

Nothing like a snappy street comeback.

Rhinestone Cowgirl said...

You want a countdown clock? You got it.

I'm partial to the Weasley Twins, myself.

Rhinestone Cowgirl said...

Gack - What the Bartender said. Duh.

Berry-licious said...

Thank you to the casting director for finding Robert Pattinson (Cedric Diggory) as another yummy quidditch player now that Sean Biggerstaff (Oliver Wood) has 'graduated'

Dale said...

Totally forgot about Sean Biggerstaff....

1). Scottish accents make me weak in the knees, which explains why I was so "social" when I was at St. Andrews.

2). "Biggerstaff" he hehehehehe

Asian Mistress said...

Cedric was hot. I almost shed a tear when he...well, I won't spoil it for some.

I would have done anyone on the team that Stanislav was on. Haha.

Dop said...

I have had a WIR (woody in reserve) for Daniel Radcliffe.for awhile. Praise to God that they did not decide to recast the series because the "kids" are looking older.

Oh, that girl. said...

Love me some Victor Krum. Or as I like to call him, Yum Yum Krum! Smooches from the pooches!