Friday, November 11, 2005

Friday Five....Everybody's working for the weekend!!!

So a big and hearty Eff you to all the federal workers that are at home lounging in the freedom of your day off. Some of us have to work because apparently Cambodia and Thailand don't recognize Veterans day of the United States.... although I'm pretty sure that Cambodia has a "liberation from America" day.

1). A conversation with my sister last night about the upcoming thanksgiving holiday
Sis: I hope mom doesn't set grandpa on fire again this year
Me: Yeah, do you know if (White Trash Cousin) got any more tattoos?
Sis: No clue, I just hope that if he did it's spelled right this time.
Me: Yeah remember when we were the most normal?
Sis: And prettiest, don't forget prettiest.

2). Going to the salon on a friday morning before work and getting a facial, fabulous coif and a little maintenance work done is one of the most enjoyable ways to start a weekend, also if it's paired with a pumpkin spice latte given to you for free by a cute barista, makes it even better.

3). I communicated with Contestant #1 last night, Mr. Lawyer man invited me to join him at Chloe, I however was engrossed in my plans of laundry, Star Wars III (dissapointing), and pilates. We shall see if I feel social this weekend.

4). 3 drunk dials last night from various friends trying to get me to come out does not a happy Dale make. I didn't want to go to sadlands at 11 and I sure as hell didn't want to meet them there at 1. I needed my beauty rest.

5). Having the house ALLLLL to myself this weekend, thumbs up AND thumbs down. I actually like my roomies who will be in Ireland / New Jersey and don't necessarily enjoy a big empty house. However it will allow me to lounge around all weekend in my underwear.... oh wait.... I do that anyways cuz I'm a slob.... sweet.


Rhinestone Cowgirl said...

Nothing beats lounging around your house in your underwear. Just remember to put the blinds down.

Dale said...

RC: Eff closing the blinds, why do you think I lounge around in my underwear in the first place? :)

Dale said...
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Polt said...

"I hope mom doesn't set grandpa on fire this year."

ohmiGOD...I thought that only happened in my family!

holidays can be so

Mr. Bartender said... nice reading your blog from the comfort of my own home.... it time to take another nap, order take out, or catch up on Tivo...

Oh day off, you are amazing to me :)

Dale said...

Mr. Bartender.... ew... I hope your tivo breaks and you are disturbed by jehovas witnesses during each and every attempt to nap. and ugly ones, not even cute ones.

DC Cookie said...

Did those drunk friends scream "get the fuck down here?" Warn Chip he might need to either a) show up or b) turn his phone off for the next blog happy hour :-)

Dale said...

Cookie, they actually did, and I told them that if they didn't leave me alone I was going to air out ALLLLL their dirty laundry. problem solved. ha ha ha

aklsdjhfa said...

Oh Cookie, we'll have to have a hearty laugh and a copious amount to drink at the next happy hour.

Pleasant Surprise of the Day: The flock of Marines who descended upon the Reagan building as I was leaving! MMMmmm...