Friday, November 18, 2005

Friday Five.... I just want to go to sleep

So I went out Wednesday night, I went out last night, I'm going out tonight, tomorrow night and it's unclear at this moment in time what Sunday night will portend.

1). Communication with the delegation from Team Lady and The Urban Family didn't happen as planned which turned out to not be such a bad thing. I met a friend for drinks at Halo and while there was approached by a guy whom I met while serving as scenery for a party in georgetown, a couple drinks later that he generously provided I had had enough of that locale and he offered to take me to a v. late dinner so I had a late dinner with said gentleman. He'd like to be a contestant but I believe he realizes that's not going to happen ever in life.

2). Hung out with senor Chip and had a condensed bitch session and catch up fest, and the passing of the torch (new madonna CD) which was interrupted by contestant number one who I'm going to be seeing tonight. I realized that the dynamic duo of Chip and Dale will be disbanded for perhaps over a week. Silent tear, Silent tear, I'm sure we shall be in communication as I'll need more than one break from my relatives in the coming days.

3). As a result of the conversation at Chips apartment de gay, Contestant #1 and I are having an early dinner, followed by a cocktail party at one of his friends houses for a birthday, and then, for better or worse, I'm taking him to the award ceremony for Chip and my's kickball team, WHICH by the way in case you didn't know, is undefeated in all things kickball for the fall season! Please jeebus let my friends not devour this contestant.

4). Tomorrow is supposed to be filled with party party party, unfortunately I have family in town so my priorities are with him and his friends, who are kind of boring but whatever he's family. I just hope we don't get into stories of my childhood, there was, at one point an incident with me and a dress that lets just say didn't go over so well with the rents.

5). Unwittingly I scheduled a dinner party on the same evening as the premier of Geisha and after careful consideration I'm opting to have the dinner party as it is the holiday season, friends blah blah blah. The kimono I was going to wear will have to stay in the closet until the Cherry blossom festival I guess, I will break out my moves then..... that semester of traditional japanese dance will serve me well.


Rhinestone Cowgirl said...

I am SO loving Hung Up - it's been playing nonstop at Chez RC for the last two days. I haven't bought the whole album yet, though - I've heard mixed reviews about the rest of the songs.

Dale said...

I'm a big fan of all the songs on the CD, personal fav's are Jump and Hung up. PS still vogueing from tuesday at my desk.

DC Cookie said...

I suspect that you'll find a sneak preview the evening before the official release, so you might get to bust out the kimono after all.

Ken Watanabe....DROOL!!

Asian Mistress said...

You have a kimono? That is so hot!

Keith said...

the album is great. the official release party at Hush last night not so great. madonna songs were a minority of the songs played. i was all ready to vogue myself, and i wanted to rock out to madonna all night. but love the whole album - i think i'm on repeat #23 right now :) i'm so gay... oh yeah, and i just payed $2.99 to get Hung Up ring on my phone. i think i have a problem....