Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Philadelphia Freedom!

This past weekend, I had a wonderfully exhausting trip to Philly, Nueva Jersey and New Yawk. My time in the Dirty Jerz was spent with family, most of which I hadn't seen in either 7 or 9 years, so it was great to catch up, and we're already planning a mini reunion in early '06. After family time, and a high school-like escapade to sneak cigarettes for my sister and two cousins, I hopped on NJ transit and headed to New York.

I have a love/hate relationship with New York; there is very little about it that does not evoke strong feelings of joy or disdain. Arriving at Penn Station, I was immediately given the boost by high rises (DC just does not feel like a city to me), lights, people, and the sense I've constructed in my head that I was in a diverse city. After a quick catch up with one of my best friends from college, during which he modeled and showed off some of his purchases for the day, while I desperately tried to convince him that pleated pants are unacceptable, we headed for a bar on the upper east. We got to the bar, and I hated New York. It was like Adams Morgan on a Saturday night, but worse. Insanely crowded, and every guy eyeing me up as if I'm trying to move in on their slutty (and ugly) girl, I was quickly in a fould mood. However, I put on my happy face, pounded my drink, and waited politely for us to leave.

Our next destination was a "club" downtown. Generally, I hate clubs, a lot. Too crowded, too trashy, just not my thing. I was skeptical, but we were going to see some other school peeps, and I desperately wanted to get out of bar # 1, so off we went. Luckily, this place was more like a lounge, we got in for free, it wasn't too crowded, the clientele was classy but not arrogant, and I bumped into a friend from school (unexpectedly) who lived on my freshman floor. Simply put, I had a blast. I had spent the day with family, so I'd been drinking for almost 12 hours, but I didn't get too drunk, fortunately.

Sunday, some friends and I went to see the Iggles take on the G-Men at the Meadowlands. Unlike last year, the Iggles suck, and they lost. A bit of a buzzkill, but it was still a good time. However, the excessive use of "gay" of "fag" to deride opposing teams' fans and confirm one's own masculinity is something that will always aggravate me. The majority of the people who do this don't give such statements any thought (well, when I said stuff like that as a kid, I sure didn't), but I'm not sure they'd care even if they did. Do I consider such behavior pathetic because I find it offensive or I've matured? Probably a combination. I just wanted to turn around and say, "No, if they were sucking each other's d*cks, THAT would be gay!"

Last night I had my first experience at Merkado for my roommate's birthday, and it was nothing short of delicious. I'm looking forward to going back, although I wanna check out P Street Bistro as well. My train leaves in 8 hours! I'm absolutely thrilled to be getting away (again) and enjoying Thanksgiving. During the coming out phase of my sister and I a few years ago, family holidays were generally a downer, but lately they've been great. It's a combination of my (immediate) family moving beyond the gay thing as well as my own development of a greater appreciation for my family as I mature. Either way, I'm stoked.

Tonight I'm spending the night in Philly with another one of my closest friends from school for what is becoming an annual tradition!

Lastly, it is November 22, and I got my first Christmas present! As some of you may know, ever since I purchased Elton John's Greatest Hits about 6 weeks ago, I have been on a HUGE Elton kick. This morning, a great friend of mine presented me with Elton John's Christmas Party! I am already excited by the fact that I a) now own a Christmas CD and b) any CD with old school Outkast is always appreciated!

To all of you who are traveling, be safe and enjoy your Thanksgiving!


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Dale said...

Hmmm merkado, I'll have to explore the wonder and goodness.... and sweet jesus spare us from the deluge of elton john that I'll be exposed to this holiday season. Ah well if I can put up with that you can put up with my love of Eartha Kitt's rendition of "santa baby"