Friday, March 03, 2006

Friday Five.... still Alive

This week has been hell-on-earth. It's one of those, "juggling a million balls in the air and if one falls everything goes straight to sh*t" kinda weeks. Effing sweet, also two more people at work quit so I'm dealing with their sh*tstorm... needless to say my back and shoulders are one big knot. Also this is the week that I decided to for real buck the demon nicotine, and make some very important decisions regarding my future (more to come when things are a bit more concrete). However, I refuse to start any weekend off on a sour note as one of my mantra's and one of my edicts that will be covered in my finishing school on proper social interaction is: "smile, it increases your face value" Therefore, there have been things this week that have made me happy in my feelings place.

1). Being made a fantastic meal last night and stuffing my face full of home made pasta sauces and cheeses and red wine and homemade desert that made me smile on my walk back to my habitation area last night while listening to All-American Rejects and Fallout Boy. And then ending the evening by eating an entire box of Thin Mints and watching This Movie (which watching by myself might be considered sad but whatever I'm over it)

2). Having my friends let me vent to them without responding and without judging. I know that they're all leading busy, fantastic, fabulous lives but it probably means the most when they take even 5 minutes to say "how're things lady?.. I know you're under a lot of stress and wondered if you wanted to unload for a bit... sure I'll listen to you b*tch for a while." Honestly I don't know what I'd do without them. Probably multiple homicide at this point.... probably.

3). Seeing the marines on their morning run by my house on my drive into work in the mornings... I'm sorry there's nothing about that that shouldn't make you happy in your feelings place, among other places.

4). My co-worker, with whom I now share a cube farm type of situation has been watching me take a torrential downpour of sh*t and misplaced rage (rapid turnover plus crazy boss plus I'm the only one that knows how to do a lot of things equals crazy boss getting mucho crazy up in my grill when none of it has anything to do with me) and because she wanted to make my day a little better suprised me this morning with This Book which I've tried to find at several bookstores and have been unsuccessful. I realize that me being excited over such a book makes me a middle america soccer mom but I respect the power of the casserole, and you should too.

5). The prospect of a fun Friday night, productive saturday, and crazy sunday!!!

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JP said...

I can relate to the sh*t storm. I've been through one here to."Maybe it's time to do something else?" keeps going through my mind. Keeping a postive attitude helps. And honey, I'm with you on the cute marines running...They should have their own channel, and it would be silent.