Friday, March 24, 2006

My disco balls are bigger than yours!

Allright So Friday Five.... zenith of homo-losity five reasons why I'm more fabulous than a disco ball on pride....

1). Yours truly has just taken the plunge back into the second job field (I get bored too easily and I figure if I'm going to be all antzy pantzy I may as well be productive and get paid right??) so I'm going to one place where gay men will always reign supreme, distributing sass and judgement from on high..... yes everyone... you guessed it..... high end retail. After a quick interview where conversations that a mo wouldn't expect as unusual but might take the ro's back a little including:

Mister Sister: you know at (super preppy snotty location) were looking for a certain "look," and we only offer people positions that we feel capture that "look."

Translation: We don't hire any fatties or uglies.
Mister Sister: How you carry yourself is very important at (super preppy snotty location), we only offer people positions that look like they stepped out of our magazines.
Translation: Don't try and pull any of that straight boy, just got out of bed look here sister, we want your hair did and your clothes sharp, your sass ready and your cheekbones high and pointy

Is it wrong that I'm primarily doing this for the discount???? I didn't think so either.

2). Operation Decorator Storm: Now I have, for the first time, the opportunity to decorate my living space from top to bottom in whatever manner I see fit which is a daunting task. However thankfully I have vast resources of opinion and experience in home decor from friends that are interior designers, artists, photographers.... and just plain have more glitter in them than a elementary school art class.

3). Because I'm me and you're not.

4). Because I had this conversation with annoying co-worker yesterday before leaving for the interview at (super preppy snotty location)

ACW: We should totally hang out in DC sometime, one of my roommates wants to meet you, I keep telling her how fabulous you are.

Dale: Riiiight, I didn't think that straight people used the term fabulous anymore. (this is where I break out the mo tude) Anyways I'm pretty busy for the next couple of months, I like to plan in advance.

ACW: Oh well we don't go into DC that much anyways (She lives not only in the dirty Vag but by Dulles *EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK*) when's the next time you're going to be free on a weekend?

Dale: September.

5). This morning I had a conversation with This Lady, and I was reminded that in elementary school I had all things Keroppi and Badtz Maru. I'm talking pencils, pencil box, folders, erasers, pencil sharpeners.... the whole nine.... I was the gayest , asianest elementary student in life.... IN LIFE!!!!!


Asian Mistress said...

Gayest, asianest

HAHAHAH love it!

I guess Badtz Maru was more manly than the ever popular kitty?

I like the little dog one...don't remember the name.

Asian Mistress said...

The gayest, asianest of all

Carrie Broadshoulders said...

Sorry I did not make it out Saturday! :( I'm a loser. I was so wiped from Friday night's soirees of drunkeness that I could only muster a trip up to my friends' where we pigged out and went through bottles of liquor while watching movies. I mean, I still drank at least, but could only manage drinking at home. I hope you ladies had a fun time.