Friday, March 10, 2006

Spring is in the air!!!

Woo hoo were finally getting a little spring weather action going on!!! nothing better to start off the weekend than driving to work with the windows down and listening to a little fallout boy at full blast!!! Especially when the cherry on the sundae included watching very nice looking gentleman run in tiiiinnnyy little shorts along the memorial bridge...mmmmm. After all spring is in the air and everyone knows what that means....

1). The gym will be filled to capancity from now, the first consecutive days of warm weather, till about easter when all the queens that were going to start their swimsuit diets/workout routines say eff it and gorge on easter food. Which will be again reinstated at the first weekend of beach worthy weather.

2). Outdoor seating at two of my favorite watering holes, Lauriol and Fox&Hound will soon open and my judgement of society at large can once again stretch beyond the confines of a bar while I sip my delectable cocktail or margarita and judge behind my sunglasses, sassy as I wanna be.

3). The Runway, known as 17th st. between JR's and Cobalt will once again be in full effect, my favorite time of year when the little fetus's who think they have what it takes to work the runway try in their A/X t shirts and express womens jeans and mary kate sunglasses...... and then trip when the uneven sidewalk catches up with their prada knockoffs.

Gay Fashion will once again cycle back to Swimwear and resort wear from Scarf and sweater wear.... quick recap, speedo if you've got the body, jams if you're unsure, burqua if you scare small children. I myself will be combo speedo under these shorts for the walk to the beach.

5). and as button downs become less buttoned, pants give way to shorts, and bodies become more exposed I think that the depilatory cream, razors, and wax at the CVS is going to be in higher demand.... more on that later.


Scott said...

As the previous token homo bartender at the Fox, I invented a fun little game called M-E-A-N-O. Its basically BINGO, except the squares are all of the things you're likely to see tragically walking down the runway, while having a nice patio day. For instance: Pandering Homless Guy, Mid-30's gay couple with baby accessory, Sketched out Tina Queen, random lost deer in headlights straight family on vacation, and of course light up roller blade guy. While I had to play watching via Channel 17 (the big glass window) I would ocaisionally share with the patio folk. Now that I don't work there we may have to re-invent it with me in full participation. It is loads of fun for a crunken Weekend afternoon

Taylor said...

thank god for warm weather! i'm in such a good mood today! who's sitting here in a pink polo with periwinkle blue pants? that'd be me. i'm even wearing lime green boxer briefs ... i'm like a big easter egg!

Dale said...

Scott: We are totally playing that this summer!!!

Taylor: awww fun!

Anastacia Beaverhausen said...


Love you like a cold sore but did you eat Chip? Your postings are lovely as always but Chip, get off your ass and post something. =)

Chicago is much less gay-friendly than DC, I feel. (Other than the fact that your city is tearing down like every 4th gay establishment for a baseball team? Hm.) Anyway. We have our Runway... Halsted from Belmont to Addison... our gym (the Multiplex aka Multisex or the Gold's in Century City) ... but it just doesn't feel as gay as 17th St. I, sadly, was one who traversed the runway on occasion when I lived there but I sorta miss the ghetto fabulousness that was gay culture there. Odd, eh?

P.S. CVS is the ghetto, horrible pharmacy in Chicago. It's like where you go when you're deathly ill from something at 4am and can't travel the extra 2 blocks to the nearest Walgreens. No respectable person would go into one. Odd too, eh? Apparently I'm Canadian today, eh?

Carrie Broadshoulders said...

Carrie was parked on the patio area of Fox & Hounds just last night letting the bitches on the runway know they ain't all that.