Monday, March 13, 2006

Weekend Roundup...... but what is this?? I mean but what IS this?

So last week.... not too much fun, this week.... been warned about 20 hour days, heightened tensions, and bad coffee..... so needless to say I'm excited. Fortunately or Unfortunately I won't be able to post until probably next week so hopefully This Lady can hold our torch up high so our flame burns bright!!

However, in preparation for the week de crap I had myself a grand ole time this weekend. Friday night after getting home and changing into my cute clothes I went over to Taylor's place where I may or may not have started my drinky poo off with a commemorative plastic football cup full of the Cape Codder, which was after I sweet talked the lady at the local liquor store to give me a bag of free ice.... what can I say, I'm adorable and apparently inspire people to give me free ice.

Anyways then All These Wonderful Ladies came over and we really got the party started complete with a drunken photo shoot and a stumbling mess over to Juniors. After getting there certain members of our party were a little tipsy and I don't mention names as that's not my way but HA HA HA HAH AHA somebody fell off a bar stool......

The rest of the night is a blur of drunkeness, I think the plan was to meet people at cobalt and we did make it at some point but the memories of cobalt aren't very detailed..... and at some point McDonalds which honestly makes me want to retch, I think I ate 2 pieces of the chicken nugget meal I bought and just contented myself to drink the overly syrupy sprite.

Saturday night myself, Chip, and two of our friends stayed at my parents house as I was dog-sitting and we were settling down for a suburban night o' fun. We played knockout and not going to lie.... I dominated.... just sayin. Watched This Movie, and gorged ourselves silly on This Glorious Food Item, and passed out... only to wake up Sunday morning and cook a full brunchy thing complete with mimosas and blueberry pancakes..

So see y'all in a week!!! and if there's anything on the news about somebody going postal and going crazy at some meeting... yeah that'd be me....

ps. I may or may not have taken the first steps toward home ownership.... more details to follow.

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Taylor said...

Yeah, um, Friday, I heard it was a fun night. Thankfully I have pics to prove it.