Thursday, March 02, 2006

Thursday Haiku Style

I'm having a Gaysian moment and once again I will emote through Haiku.... deal with it.

Ugly man at gym
You have snowball chance in Hell
Stop watching me stretch

Disney movie time
Only better with red wine
Mulan is the beast

Die Horrible week
You Eff'd me like the prom queen
I hope you catch crabs

Cute guy at the gym
Can't tell if you check me out
I should wear contacts

Spring is in the air
Mud season is upon us
Wait to buy new shoes

Girl Scout cookies rock
Thin mints I buy 8 boxes
You must contain crack

P.S- Guess who saw pictures of a coworker at This Establishment in the local gay rag today???? ooooooohhhh I GOT YOU B*TCH, I GOT YOU ON CANDID CAMERA!!!! (I have to give credit to all these fabulous ladies for that choice phrase)


Chris said...

I definitely just pee'd in my pants!

BTW: Thin Mints def have crack in them.

The Party Girl said...

I heard a rumor that Jessica Simpson is planning on putting out a book of poetry. If that stupid bitch gets to publish her own book, your Haikus should totally get a chance too. I heart them.

RetroDragon said...

I'm planning a whole Girl Scout cookies post. I love this time of year. The Tagalongs alone are worth the scorn of the gays at the clubs staring at my inflated stomach. I'd mention the Thin Mints, but my roommate seems to have already eaten them...