Monday, March 27, 2006

I think I may be dead.

I will update everyone at a time when my body doesn't feel like it's been the recipient of a hate crime, the perpitrator??? cheap booze and lots of it. However I may or may not have done the following this weekend,

Gone to the Rhino in georgetown followed by JR's in the gayborhood.... yeah that was a smart choice....

Started Saturday off with Cory and some cheap booze followed by sushi, more booze, and then JR's for a Homo-blog fest of drunkeness wherein I may have threatened someone's life by saying, "If you efff with my friend I will end you..... no I'm serious, I will cut you." (ps in the immortal words of Chip "Dale, a barstool could take you.")

I'm pretty sure that the night was a success.... not sure.

Spent Sunday pretty much soaked in booze from a 3-4 hour brunch with unlimited bloody marys and screwdrivers and mimosas to long island ice teas to yet a third bar where I may or may not have made out with a guy that took me on one date and whom I never called back.... and there was a reason..... he's kinda busted..... damnit. (PS All of these ladies are hateful hateful b*tches for getting me that loaded and I hope all their nipples fall off)


Cornelius said...

You loved it you hoe!

Scott said...

Was good to meet you guys over the weekend. Sorry for cutting out early on Sat, I was gonna beat a 'mo if I got knocked into/spilt on one more time. But it was a good time all together.