Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Weekend Recap...

Ok so I wasn't really in a place to blog yesterday as I was recovering from Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I spent the entire day communing with my inner uppity white woman.... (Currently I have an inner uppity white woman, a strong black woman, and a demure asian woman) by watching Diana: Her True Story and Too Rich:The story of Doris Duke. And let me just say that Lauren Bacall can do no wrong.

Quick Recap:

Friday night, hung out with Cornelius, Taylor, and Senor Chris for a quick second, and then decided to go home and on the way stop at Juniors where I may or may not have flirted with a man who may or may not be old enough to have taught my parents in school.... why does that always happen to me. damn.

Saturday, actually had a productive day, and then had to go pick up the celly which I left at Taylor's humble abode and then made the executive decision that margaritas were a good idea. One pitcher each later and I'm heading over to Chip's apt. at the corner of disco and glitter and we had some Fresh Prince/ Will and Grace loving. From there we went out to meet two of our friends who have recently got engaged and there was much fluttering of hands and me getting teary as I'm a sucker for that crap. That night ended at 4 in the morning after bars, and myself, Chip, The two engageees, and their friend who had recently come out at an all night diner stuffing food at our faces like it was going out of style. Klass, pure Klass.

Sunday.... chilled out for most of the day and then myself and Chip were invited to an Oscars party at Mrs. Jesus apt. and we were requested to dress up as a movie that was nominated. Did we go brokeback? B*tch please, do I LOOK like a cowboy? oh no, This lady went as Geisha. Do I own the appropriate attire? you betcha. Was it fabulous?? of course. The rest of the evening was definitely fun if not a weee bit fuzzy.

Oh well.... that's why god created sick days right?

UPDATE: A Lesbian is crowned Homecoming King in Maryland.... if that's not proof positive that MD is the greatest state... I just don't know what.


Dop said...

Actually, my college boyfriend was crowned Homecoming Queen at Shenandoah University way back in 1991 in Virginia. Beat 'cha by 15 years.

Dale said...

Well yes, but it has been scientifically proven that the dirty Vag is a horrible horrible place so therefore MD is better, plus this is a strong black lesbian which makes her that much more fabulous.

JP said...

After that weekend, sounds like you needed a mental health day. I wanted to take one today, but if I stayed home I would have to talk to the maid, and we can't have that can we.