Monday, July 24, 2006

Beach trip 2k6 v1.0

So myself and 7 of my friends went to the beach this weekend (and we were all sad that Chip is still overseas and unable to join) and here's a little taste-er-rooof the events that unfolded

I and my car-mate may have stopped for dinner at a Mom&Pop in the town above, and waited FOREVER for sub-par subs, that'll teach me to support local business.

I may or may not have gone out with my friends to the bars of Dewey. I may or may not have done a shot called a mexican airforce shot which apparently is a shot of tequilla followed by a kamikaze shot followed by several drinks in plastic cups. This may or may not have been followed by me and two of my friends who are hot chicks thinking it was a great idea to go swimming in the ocean in our underwear and finding out we were all wearing matching black underwear, and then having a group shower, ps we totally looked like the Chris Isaac Wicked Game Video. This was classified as the "Real World Dewey" moment of the evening.

I may or may not have shared one bedroom with 7 other people. I may or may not have been one of 2 people to actually sleep on a bed with a mattress.... duh it's me. I have classified the situation as the 'Meth Lab' moment of the evening.

UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, if you want food do not eat at the Purple Parrot. Well ok, if you just want to sit around and watch really hot wait staff then you're golden but if you want any type of service then go somewhere else. I obvy ordered two bloody mary's instead of one just in case the hot waiter got "confused" while walking around.

I may or may not have happened upon a lifeguard only game of ultimate frisbee. I may or may not have almost wet myself at the sight of 40 hot, shirtless, tanned lifeguards tackling each other in pursuit of a frisbee.....

My parents and godparent rented a house that sleeps 20 people. At most at all times maybe 12 people will be in the house, they just like the space, so I rolled 8 deep, it's what I do. Anyways I found out that this is how my dad and godfather talk to the renting person to find them a house

Renting person: What type of house are you gentlemen looking for.
Dad+Goddad: We would like the biggest, newest house that is closest to the beach as possible, but not near the main strip, we don't want the beach to be crowded.

Did I mention I love my daddy and god-daddy kins.

I may or may not have gone from gin and tonics to martinis to beer and to wine. This may or may not have produced me being blackout and very annoying to my friends. I thank the baby jesus that they are all still talking to me after I poured wine on my cousin on purpose and throwing sand up one of my friends dress.

I may or may not have done the following things on sunday:
  • Taken a picture at the above location on the way back for obvious reasons
  • Stopped at a local farmers market (it's obvy delish)
  • had a dance party with the same girls that I went skivvy dipping on friday night over the bay bridge to Aqua's Barby Girl and Shania's that don't impress me much

I may or may not be in de-tox for the forseeable future.... my body is not in a good place.


Polt said...

I have ALWAYS wanted a photo of that sign!!! I tried to get one several times on trips to Rehomo, but never got a good one!

And I ate at the Purple Parrot before, and it wasn't that bad. Our waiter was a cute Irish kid who spent an inordinate amount of time at our table talking to us. My roommate wouldn't let me ask the kid whne he got off work...bastard.

Course, this WAS a few years ago, maybe three or four, so maybe it's changed since then?

Anonymous said...

i may or may not have learned how to write a proper sentence in the english langauge.

Dale said...

Polt: yeah I'm not down with the purple parrot.... I'm over it.

Anon: Does someone have a case of the mondays??

Carrie Broadshoulders said...

Clearly anonymous didn't learn how to spell language either.

Anonymous said...

i live in a perpetual monday.

Dale said...

anon: that sucks.