Monday, July 31, 2006

Dear Ballys

Dear Ballys Gym,

You suck because you won't let me out of a three year contract just because there is a ballys within a 25 mile radius of my home. Your location in the District is in the basement of a building and is in my opinion, disgusting. The bathrooms are frequently dank and smell of bad things. The tv's are never set to anything worth watching, and the dim lighting makes me sad in my heart place.

Plus, the clientele, is.... for lack of a better term.... busted. While this is less true at your location in Pentagon City, I refuse to commute to Va. to fulfill this need seeing as how I will never live again within the confines of the dirty dirty vag. I don't go to the gym for the eye candy, most times I wear glasses and leave them in my locker (because the whole rec-specs look isn't fun on me), however I'd like to exercise next to people who don't look like they're two donuts away from a Maury Povich show.

So Ballys, you may have won (for now) the battle for my hard earned money, but I will not be gracing your halls anymore, for I have joined the WSC.

PS- does anyone know the busted/cruisey factors for the WSC's surrounding dupont?


Dop said...

I agree with you on the Bally's on L. It's like working out in the "OZ" gym but not nearly as sexy. I keep expecting a shank fight to breakout in the free weights area. I went into the lockerroom only one time, and that was enough for me.

When I lived in DC, I joined National Fitness Network (are you working again/yet?) which allowed me to go to just about any gym in the area for a reduced rate.

I went to WSC on Conn Ave by the Hilton and it wasn't too bad, but again, most of it is in a basement. And truly most of the gyms in DC suck.

Good luck!

Carrie Broadshoulders said...

I go to the WSC in Gallery Place. Facility is nice, but again, in a basement. It's newer so clean and the eye candy is so so. I hate that it closes at 5pm on the weekends. I like to go around 6pm on the weekends so now I have to drive over to Capitol Hill or to the Dupont location near the Hilton. That one isn't bad but far busier than the ones downtown, esp. on the weekends. I hear they are all cruisy, but have yet to experience anything scandalous so far.

Dale said...

Dop: I am in fact gainfully employed. My company is offering me a discount at WSC which is why I was prompted to switch in the first place.

CB: Hmm I'll have to garner my own opinions about the WSC, anything has to be better than ballys though!!

Taylor said...

while i have never set foot in the one on the lower end of conn ave (around M St i think, not the one next to the hilton), i know a few people who go there. they're cute.

Alan said...

I go to the M St WSC, and I'm happy with the workout scenery. Just saying...

TOS said...

Why don't you try to fake Bally's out and get a generic lease and write it out for a place without a Bally's? For more fun, make it someplace foreign where they can't verify it if they try.

I tried this once and it worked like a charm!