Thursday, July 06, 2006


Sorry Y'all I've been on hiatus due to holiday and new job..... momma's back.

I have a new job.... fun people... laid back atmosphere...and I have my own office... however the whole blogging thing during work might not work out so well as any and all communication is apparently "monitored." However I've met the IT guys that are apparently "monitoring" my computer at all times and has anyone seen Harold and Kumar go to white castle??? yeah add in about 4 dime bags of weed and you have these guys.

Monday was el dio de relaxacion, praise the baby jesus. I spent our nations birthday playing tennis with two of my best friends... and let me just say that we may or may not have stopped traffic more than once because we were so shiny with the sweat....or maybe because we kept hitting the ball over the fence into the middle of 18th st...... who knows???

The fourth.... after SOMEBODY decided to get boonesfarm (not me) and left it in my fridge, which is a crime against the baby jesus..... ps the fourth of july makes me want a hot dog REALLLLLLL BAD.... we watched the fireworks on my rooftop.

Who was hungover for day 1 of work???? mayhaps me..... blargh

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