Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Natsu no Haiku (Summertime Haiku)

Heat makes me sweat much
Tanq and Tonics are so cold
Refreshing all day

Sleeveless T's are gross
Please burn like your platform shoes
Invest in polos

Rehomo is fun
Fluorescent Speedo's are not
Please wear burqua now

Grottos is like crack
I will eat till I throw up
Then return for more


jimbo said...

I am for the gays wearing full burquas colored differently for each transgression. In the case of the glowie Speedo transgression, the burqua would be of the sam color.

Polt said...

Grottos IS liek crack! But I gotta say, depending on who's wearing them, flourescent Speedo's and sleeveless T's really aren't all that bad. AGAIN, depending on who's wearing them!