Monday, July 31, 2006

What didn't happen this weekend??

This weekend was supposed to be relaxing and calm.

Apparently that wasn't in the cards.

After spending a relaxing friday night out in the country, I came back into the city to begin party version of my weekend. I went to get my haircut...... and the stylist was ummm *excited* the entire time he was cutting my hair. There arent' very many things more awkward than having your stylist's *excitement* poking you in the shoulder while he's cutting your hair. Although he did do a very good job, and was really hot.

I received not one.... but two marriage proposals this weekend. Both guys I used to date. Both of whom are currently involved with serious bf's. I sure as sh*t know how to pick em.....*rolls eyes*

I feel like it's going to be "one of those" weeks...... is it friday yet?

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