Friday, July 28, 2006

Friday Five..... no news is good news

1). George Michael has done it once again...... he's been caught falling asleep at the wheel with a trunkfull of dildo's.... caught soliciting for sex in toilets...... and now he's been caught hooking up with a busted guy in a public park. Ummmm Hi George, I'm [Dale], now I'm sure if you wanted to, you could afford for a professional escort that didn't look homeless to come to you or to a pre-determined location, just a thought. Plus, if I were your bf, I wouldn't dump you, but you'd be setting up some major trusts in my name plus there would be gifts of real-estate, diamonds, and mink..... so I could be sad in comfort.

2). After reading this article, it became abundantly clear what is happening.... child star feeling the end of his tenure is nigh has decided to bolster his career with a "artistic performance" in which he will be naked. Look out kids, in the next ten years I think we'll be seeing him palling around with corey feldman on the surreal life.

3). When I'm 104 and have become a multi-bazillionaire through well placed marriages, I will never ever let this happen. I will make sure that not only will I be shuttled between my different properties on a regular basis..... but that any staffing changes in my personal staff not be left to a single person.... especially if that person has anything to gain from my obscene wealth.

4). If you are dumb enough to think this is a good idea then you deserve whatever comes your way.... whatever happened to the basics of alcohol and ciggarettes?

5). This is a serious article I'm sure.... but I still can't get past the title..... First thought in my head? "I'm sure it does, about three meals a day"..... it's ok for me to say something like that.... I'm asian.

*PS I'm still sick from last weekend..... if someone wants to make me soup in bed and rent me some movies that'd be great..... thanks*


Carrie Broadshoulders said...

Regarding 1), it's like my mother always said, money doesn't buy happiness...but it sure lets your be miserable in a better part of town.

Dale said...

CB: what a wise woman your mother.

JP said...

Dunno what George Michael was trying to prove. Is his BF THAT bad in the sack...I mean really...Then to go on and say that "it's part of his culture"...Which petri dish is she living in? Clearly not mine. Dunno if I could stay with him after such a public face cracking...