Friday, December 16, 2005

Friday Five.......Announcements

1). As I took an extended lunch break I realized several things about myself whilst shopping in the seventh circle of hell also known as Montgomery Mall. They are,
  • Burberry Brit will be my scent of 06
  • I don't really look good in anything yellow
  • I got a little sad that the soundtrack at A&F is better than the one at Sadlands
  • Armani Exchange makes the same tired crap again, and again, and again, and puts there logo ALLLLLLL over it (not cute)
  • I love everything J.Crew, god I'm preppy.
  • I am now the proud owner of a Nat's hat, I'm so D.C. right now.

2). I am SOOOOOOOO excited about my awkward group date / dinner and a movie tonight. We are starting off at my FAVORITE sushi restaurant that practices reverse discrimination (if you make reservations in japanese the wait is cut in at least half if not more, plus the hostess only smiles at asian people.... I HEART HER), and then seeing Memoirs of a Geisha. And no unfortunately I'm not wearing a kimono, the one's that I own are all for the summer and honestly I'd really like not to catch pneumonia right before christmas.

3). After purchasing the latest copy of Men's Health because Mr. Adrian Brody went from anorexic somalian to yum. com, I will now be on the Adrian Brody diet/workout program, except for the whole cutting out booze thing, I'm sorry that's just cruel. I figure I'll look non-somalian juuuuuuust in time for the next round of vaca/swimsuit time (I'm thinking maybe Mykonos in March...... anyone wanna take me?)

4). My cousin who is in town from medical school in the middle of BFE wants to get "black out" saturday night, and honestly, after this week when I could have financed a college education with the amount of money I spent on booze (and most of the things were open bar@!!) the thought makes me want to shed many tears....

5). Speaking of tears, last night my roomate and I watched This movie, and then I followed it up with This movie. Talk about the flowing of tears!!! Sometimes a good cry is the perfect catharsis on a night like last night as crappy as it was outside.

SIDEBAR: so ok while watching This movie last night made me feel all cry-ey and such, I would like to do things that would put me on Santa's "Naughty" list to him, him, him, him, him, him, him, him, and yes............even him who incidentally is older than both of my parents.


Dudley said...

Hmmm Adrian Brody, buffed up or not, I just can't get on board with that one.

Keith said...

you must teach me how to ask for a table in japanese! i've gone their twice recently and there's been a 1 1/2 hour wait each time. my partner is asian, so we get the smile (they are always very friendly), but we still get the long wait. of course, my partner isn't japanese, but he's really good with the languages :)

Dale said...

oh dudley, He's tall, dark, and handsome!!!! I enjoy IMMENSELY

Keith: yeah if you aren't japanese it sucks majorly! I don't know if I can divulge my asian secrets, were a shifty bunch.

Sherpa said...

adrian brody. beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Dales, we may have to fight over Adrian Brody. I've been claiming him for 5 years, damn you! ha ha
But seriously, I will cut you for him! :-)

I hope you give a review of Memoirs of a Geisha. I want to see that movie, but I am going to see Brokeback Mountain this weekend instead.

Have a great weekend!