Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind......

So this will be my last post in the year of our lord 2k5, and this year has been very interesting to say the least. highlights include:

New Years eve of terror.... I don't REALLY want to get into it in detail but let me just give a small snippet of a recap... got drunk, stayed at ex's, ex got up in the middle of the night to have sex with some rando in the next room, then came back and got into bed with me..... remember when I had self esteem? riiiiiiiiight, eff that. (P.S. this new years has GOT to be better than that one, hell rolling around naked in broken glass would be better than last new years)

Meeting Senor Chip through mutual friends and quickly becoming my sister soldier, through many drunken excursions up and down Connecticut ave as well as the Delaware Coast, and I can still unequivocally say even though This Store disagrees with me, that square cut bathing suits are heinous and should only be used as a social punishment for gay men that break one of the "Gay Laws" (More on the Gay Laws in 2k6) Any collaboration on this Ladies is most welcome.

Kickball.... effing sweet... even though I suck.... however I did learn that at full speed I can knock over 7 grown people at once, (especially after a nalgene full of Vodka Cran)

Meeting/Reconnecting with all of these fabulous people, you guys have kept my sobriety down and my fun factor high, I'm definitely looking forward to scandalizing 2k6 with all of you!! (except for the love of Cher please Please PLEASE never let me do karaoke again.... there's a reason karaoke means tone deaf in Japanese)

Boys: Meh, I've had my share of Fun and/or Frightening this year, hopefully next valentines day I won't have to buy myself roses and chocolate and watch thelma and louise by myself drinking a bottle of champagne and eating the chocolates with the roses in my lap... that's not sad.... it's EMPOWERING dammit....right....empowering....thats it.

So 2k5 I will bid you adieu, you surely have kicked me around a lot this year but I'm still standing and ready for what 2k6 has to offer... and 2k6 I'm just warning you, you better get ready because I'm going to TONY DANZA you like you've never felt before!!!!


VP of Dior said...

tony danza. oh. dear. lord. hammer, don't hurt 'em!

hope you have a hot boy to smooch come midnight dec 31!

Anonymous said...

Dale, I just KNOW that you accidently forgot to add my name to the list of people you are wanting to meet in 2006!! :-)