Sunday, December 25, 2005

If you just believe

So Christmas for me has taken on a new meaning recently, I don't get the butterflies anymore on christmas morning... I usually know what I'll be getting, I enjoy spending time with my family but as it gets smaller and smaller I find myself turning more and more to my friends that honestly are in my head, part of my family, especially at christmas.

So ok the shmaltzy part is out of the way onto the holiday recap!!!

Friday I went to the mall for some last minute shopping for random uncles whom I and my sister hereforafter referred to as "the Princess" (if you met her you'd understand)
SIDEBAR: she is a princess because she demands attention. Yours truly is a Queen because I don't need to demand, it's a given.
In any event after that I made the christmas dinner which was lasagna this year... we don't do tradition.... everyone in my mothers family came over and CRAZY CHRISTMAS was underway. Things I remember about said dinner include:

1). My white trash cousin giving me a Barbara Streisand CD and me not knowing what to do... I hate Barbara Streisand, I was like...ummmm thanks C? how's that whole manual labor thing doing?? the boy gets points for effort.

2). My Uncle (Mom's twin brother) response to my gift of a brookstone gift certificate.. " oh now me and your aunt can get that fancy vibrator we always wanted." sweet, not awkward at all.

3). My cousins who are 6 and 9 call me "awesome (Dale)" makes me happy in my heart area.

Saturday.... Christmas eve. I actually went into work because I'm taking an unexpected vacation to here and won't be at work from this thursday to the following wednesday.... I've got SUCH a hard life. Any suggestions on stuff to do?? that is besides lounge besides the heated pool at the private villa my family rented......

That evening I was uber cute in some preppy J.Crew wear and went with the fam to a neighbors house for the annual Christmas eve party. Highlights include:

1). The princess getting HOUSED and falling several times in the driveway and taking me down with her as I was enjoying a nicotine treat..... I now have bruises covering most of my shoulders, back and butt...yeah I'm going to look HOT in a speedo come thursday... bah well, maybe I'll get a sympathy date for new years.

2). One of my parents friends wanting to ask me about treatment options for AIDS as his son from a previous marriage now has HIV... talk about awkward... it's christmas.. I mean really... give me a BREAK.

3). Getting asked out by my neighbors son who I went to France with when we were both exchange students.... he's a little unfortunate in the looks department so I gave him my old cell number which is no longer functional and told him to call me. if I get called on it I'll blame the martinis.

Christmas morning... the usual, we did the prezzies with the fam which were again plentiful and well thought out. not suprising but good. After that I went and bought some sushi for my grandfather and great aunt were coming over..... YAY!!!! Unfortunately due to the fact that they are both in their late 80's they tire easily, and especially at christmas remind me of the ever quick passage of time, and make me miss christmas's past.... oh well such is life right?

Dinner was quick and afterwards it was back to work for me to do a little more so I can relax on Monday. Now I'm sitting in my living room watching Polar Express and just trying to recapture a little bit of my childhood. The worst part about growing up is losing the magic at christmas that ANYTHING is possible.... if you just believe.

..........I believe in Santa.................

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RetroDragon said...

The Streisand bit is too much. I wonder if he watched Logo for research and thought, "Well, the gays seem to like that Jewish woman..."

(On the HIV bit, I once had someone ask me what a "protease inhibitor" was. Confused, I offered to call my doctor friend to ask. It wasn't until later that I realize that they assumed the gays knew all about HIV treatments. Yup, come out of the closet, get a MD, that's how it works, don't you know?)