Friday, December 23, 2005

Friday Highlights

So it's Friday, and I'm still drunk from last nights party..... I thought I'd share some highlights from Christmas part one: Waspy Christmas

1). Me coming home and my mother greeting me with a glass of wine... mmmmmmm merlot.

2). After Chip and our friend T-bag arrived, my godparents arriving and my godmother exclaiming loudly as she took off her fur coat "now where in christmas name is my martini???" yeah were all afraid of her.

3). Gorge fest of spinach dip, wine, and food..... god I love getting gluttonous on christmas.

4). My godparents, whom rented a house in key west for new years badgering my parents to come to key west for new years.... apparently mumsy and daddykins are too cool for that this year.

5). My mom, getting housed and buying tickets for my sister and I to go to key west for New Years..... my job is going to haaaaate me for taking a week off.... oh well they can go eff themselves.

6). My godcousin wanting to have a MILLION of chip's babies.... so funny right now....

7). and DAMMIT if I didn't wake up with a bottle of chardonnay, by my mom walking into the room and saying..... well at least it wasn't red wine...... sweet jesus



aklsdjhfa said...

2) There's nothing to be afraid of. Your godmother is wonderfully kind and a complete blast to be around.

3) You better get that spinach dip recipe; I believe Michelle made it.

6) Who? What? Really? Huh?

7) I'm okay with the fact that I'm at the firm today. I'm not okay with the fact that attorneys are expecting me to actually work.

Merry Merry

Washington Cube said...

Are you sure your mother isn't Auntie Mame? "Is everybody LIT??"

VP of Dior said...

sounds like merry merry christmas! hope you find a special gentleman in key west to make it a "marry marry" xmas!

Dale said...


A). You've never seen her mad... sweet jesus it's like the gates of hell have opened and unleashed a wrath the likes of which man has never seen.

B). Duh. I'll be getting it on the beach in Key West ;)/

C). he was TOTALLY up in your kool aid and he wanted to know the flava!

D). I'm ok that you're at work too.....I looooove you.

WC: Unless Auntie Mame grew up in Potomac and demands vodka upon entering any establishment I'd say no... :)

VP: just one??? please I like to have options.