Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Hump Day

1) The format of this post is in homage to The Boy.

2) My upcoming weekend has gone from entertaining an out of town guest (and one of my oldest friends) to working, sans guest. All I have to say is it's a good thing I get paid OT...

3) My gym seemingly plays the same videos over and over. Has anyone else noticed a disturbingly striking resemblance between NYSNC's "Girlfriend" and Justin's "Like I Love You?" The latter is clearly superior, both visually and aurally, but its lack of originality does not help.

4) Kobe Bryant is capable of things most humans can't even dream. While I am adamantly NOT a fan of King Kobe, I am still in complete awe. It's a good thing I passed up the opportunity to see him play in High School because I "didn't feel well" (did I mention he did a 360 dunk in the middle of the game?) Smart Chip, real smart.

5) Tonight I'm bowling, and I cannot emphasize how excited this makes me. I will be reminded of slow summers in Broommall and Pin-Up Bowl in St. Louis. Tonight's experience will clearly be more like the latter, due to its WASPy clientele and over-priced drinks, but I will remember them both.

6) Did anyone see Iron Chef American, Flay v. Burke, Battle Lamb? Easily the best ICA episode to date. How they select someone as ignorant as Jewel when it comes to food is beyond my comprehension. Didn't her career end years ago and isn't she now living in a car again? No? Maybe she should... Just kidding Jewel, you know I love you.

7) On Thursday, I have jury duty. While there have been a plethora of incredible films focusing on the courtroom or juries (ie 12 Angry Men), I will be thinking of none other than the Pauly Shore classic... Speaking of Mr. Shore, how on EARTH did he manage to land so many starring movie roles?!?!?

8) I'm pleased to report that I no longer have Creed stuck in my head. If that's not reason enough to say "Hallelujah," I don't know what is!

Addendum to item #6: During a commerical break towards the end of the show, I got caught up in the video for Nelly's "Grillz" (With lines like "I might cause a cold front if I take a deep breath" and "Open up my mouth and see more karats/carrots than a salad," this song makes me happier than any song ever should) and missed the winner. Does anyone know whose cuisine reigned supreme???


Dale said...

I totally dare you to break out a "Slip him the weasel buuuuuuuddddddddddyyyyy" A la Pauly Shore Fame, during the deliberation process. Thankfully the good lord has seen fit to exclude me from any and all jury duty up to this point.... cuz you know I'd be on some jury for like jaywalking... and I'd be all... FRY THE B*TCH!!! ahhh innner rage, how I embrace thee

RoarSavage said...

The mere mention of Creed makes my body twist in pain. I'm NOT a fan. Glad you overcame. Congrats.